Top 3 apps for cyclists

Friday, January 27, 2017

Welcome to this list of the best applications for cycling that every hobbyist or even professional should already have installed on their Smartphone. In this selection, you will find applications that incorporate similar characteristics but with some differences that will mark your choice.

Finally, I have highlighted some applications for cycling making an analysis of what each one offers. I incorporate several screens of my mobile to the analysis of some applications so that you test and compare the results to realize races or routes with each one of the applications. In addition, I add opinions of the people in the Play Store or App Store that will serve to guide you in your decision.


This application has the possibility of using it with multiple sports, but we will focus on what interests us i.e. cycling. Endomondo has a virtue with respect to other applications since it contains a toolbar that incorporates a hydration meter and the rhythm to which you circulate. Other features are:

  • The section "Routes" will show you the routes that exist in the area where you are. These routes have been created by users and anyone can create one.
  • See the exercise performed on the map.
  • Customize your display (duration, calories, and heart rate).
  • Watch a goal, motivate yourself or challenge a friend.


This is an app that has several awards for technological innovation and has earned it by heart. This reliable, stable and very attractive application visually gives a good presentation of the collected data. With this application, we have the option to choose between running and cycling. One of the sections that stand out is that of 'challenges'. This tab is constantly updated and offers challenges for cycling and running. In the section of cycling, we can find challenges such as the following: Embark on a 150 km cycling adventure. When accessing this challenge, a range of information is displayed:

  • What the challenge is.
  • Number of participants (worldwide)
  • Days remaining to do it
  • Awards
  • Table of classification

Strava's website has a blog. Here, you can leave a tweet with the link to your blog where you talk about how important rest is and, in a relaxed and close tone, the creation of an app about a siesta and snoring.

Sports tracker

This is a complete application. It calculates and stores distances, speed, time and route. It offers the possibility to load the routes and allows to share them with other users in the social networks.

One of the strengths of this application is its virtue of automatically associating the photos taken during the route to the map. It measures the distances in a very precise way and has a built-in auto-pause function. As in other apps, it supports devices that allow monitoring the heart rate, although it must be clarified that these gadgets have to be purchased separately and are around 80 euros. Partly because of its origin, Sports Tracker is a good choice for Nokia users (Windows Phone).


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