Secrets to being a good hiker

Friday, January 27, 2017

Being an MTB practitioner has a number of unwritten rules that are the basis of a community that does not stop growing year after year. The mountain bike has a series of identifying features that make it an attractive and unique sport. Contact with nature, the social component of group outings, or the sense of freedom it bestows are just a few.

While we have all learned and evolved in the sport without going to any "MTB school" it is always good to review some actions and behaviors that help us to be good bikers.

1. Do not dirty the mountain

No, there is no excuse for it. It does not matter that the used wrappings dirty your jersey of 100 €, that is in a hurry, that you are competing or that you see to others to do it. We are transitory users of nature, so leave no trace other than the marks of your wheels on earth.

Even in competitions, keep your waste and do not throw them. What can stain your clothes? Will not you wash it even after the race? Nor is it worth the "excuse" that as you have paid the organizer has the responsibility to leave the tour as it was and collect everything. We do not believe that in any inscription a part in "trash" quota is included.

And if you see someone throw something pre-meditated to the mountain you can always remember all this.

2. Say hello and be kind

In the MTB, especially in its beginnings, camaraderie among practitioners was always the norm. Now, with the super-population of some areas and the arrival of many new practitioners, it seems that this is an aspect that is going down. Greet your sports buddies and other mountain users, be kind and respectful to all road users and in the narrow steps give way whenever you can.

It slows down people on foot and respects private property and community standards.

3. Share your biker wisdom

If you have been riding a bike for some years, you have matured and improved your knowledge of technique, nutrition or any other aspect related to MTB. It will not be strange to find you and share a route with Nobel users who are always often lost in many ways. Help them by sharing what you know, from survival mechanics to your secrets to dodging the birds.

Remember that we have all been newbies. It's your chance to be the Yoda master of the MTB.


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