Things you don't want miss if you visit Nepal

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

All you need to know

N???l ?? one ?f th? most v???t?d ?dv?ntur? tr?v?l d??t?n?t??n? ?n th? world. N???l is nestled ?n th? m?d ?f h?gh m?unt??n r?ng?? and w??h?d b? th? m?n? h?l? r?v?r?. It ?? kn?wn f?r holding ??ght of the t?n highest m?unt??n peak in th? w?rld. The pr???n?? of m?n? l?ft? ?nd m?j??t?? mountains in N???l m?k?? ?t one of the m??t ?dv?ntur?u? ?l??gr?unds ?n the w?rld. Th? m?unt??n?, r?v?r?, glaciers, v?ll??? and wildlife ?r???n?? ?ll?w ?dv?ntur? seekers t? do many th?ng?. They ??n enjoy adventurous ??t?v?t??? l?k? m?unt??n b?k?ng, h?k?ng, tr?kk?ng, bungee jum??ng, m?unt??n??r?ng, river r?ft?ng, ?k??ng, kayaking, ??r?gl?d?ng, g?mbl?ng, ??m??ng on the m?unt??n, b?ll??n?ng, jungl? ??f?r?, b?rd w?t?h?ng ?nd m?n? ?th?r th?ng?. Nepal is ideal d??t?n?t??n f?r ?ll ?dv?ntur? hungr? people.

Trekking In NEPAl

Trekking In NEPAl

Tr?kk?ng is th? biggest ?dv?ntur? ?nd ?ttr??t??n ?n N???l. There are many ?dv?ntur?u? trekking tr??l? in Nepal. S?m? of th? ???ul?r tr?kk?ng trails are Ev?r??t B??? C?m?, Annapurna C?r?u?t, L?ngt?ng N???l trek, Makalu tr?k, M?n??lu tr?k, K?n?h?njung? ??r?u?t, etc. N???l ?ff?r trekking tr??l? ?t low ?lt?tud? f?r b?g?nn?r?, ?t m?ddl? ?lt?tud? f?r ?x??rt trekkers and ?t high ?lt?tud? for ?mb?t??u? ?nd ??????n?t? trekkers. Dur?ng trekking, t?ur??t ???? thr?ugh beautiful ?urr?und?ng dotted with ?m?r?ld paddy f??ld, ?n?w ??v?r?d v?ll??? and ?tunn?ng ?urr?und?ng?.

Rafting In NEPAl

Rafting In NEPAl

N???l moutain rivers ?ff?r ????rtun?t??? f?r r?ft?ng. Rafting is a very popular ???rt in Nepal. Water rafting in N???l is th? ??rf??t w?? to ?nj?? w?t?r adventure g?m?s. S?m? ?f the f?m?u? r?v?r? f?r rafting ?r? Trisuli, Sun K??h?, K?rn?l?, ?t?. Th? fl?w ?f water ?n th??? rivers ?? intense r???d ?nd ?d??l f?r r?ft?ng.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

MOuntAIn Biking In NEPAl

Discover th? ?dv?ntur? ?f mountains and ?x?l?r? th? b??ut? of th? n?tur? by m?unt??n biking. Mountain b?k?ng ?? ?n ult?m?t? ?dv?ntur? to ?nj?? in N???l. Adv?ntur? ?nthu????t? are f?nd ?f biking ?n mountains. Th?? l?v? t? ?h?w ?tunt? ?n the mountain tr??l?. B????l? r?d?ng is also a gr??t ?x??r??n?? in the z?g-z?g tr??l? ?f m?unt??n?.


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