Top 5 must-have apps for hikers

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The good weather has finally arrived and nature is at its peak with green and flowering fields. Between the cold of the winter and the heat and dryness of the summer, without a doubt, spring is the best time to take you to the countryside and to make a hiking route for some of the best natural places in the country. And to choose the most interesting route, the best thing you can do is to have your smartphone and one of the apps on this list with the best applications to go hiking this spring, with interesting utilities such as Naturapps, OruxMaps, BackCountry etc.

1. Naturapps

Although it is not the best of the hiking applications of this list, we decided to start with Naturapps because it is centered in Spain and because it has a somewhat different character to the rest. It is a relationship with more than 150 different trails with an exhaustive description of each of them with a guide for carrying out the route, photos, interactive maps, and descriptive contents that include points of interest.

2. OruxMaps

OruxMaps is possibly one of the best hiking apps on Google Play. You can choose and check the route you are going to take before starting it and see opinions and comments from other users who have already done so. You can view the map in multiple formats such as 3D or topographic and you can also use them offline because they can be downloaded. It has support for quantitative bracelets and smartwatches to control your progress and your statistics. Finally, you can comment and share your maps as well as statistics.

3. ViewRanger

ViewRanger GPS serves both for those who go by bike or for those who prefer to go on foot. It is a service with maps, activity log, and guided tours, and all without an internet connection, since you can download it before you begin and prepare the trip from the comfort of your home. Then you can see how you have evolved in the route, seeing your movements on the map and analyzing the statistical data. It is also compatible with your Smartwatch, which will show you the fundamental information so you can keep moving forward without having to look at your smartphone.

4. BackCountry

With BackCountry Navigator you can have in your hand different types of maps of an area, both aerial and topographic maps in different versions. The app perfectly records your route through GPS and allows you to set points of interest on which to take notes. You can continue using it by deactivating the GPS to save battery, and reconnect it when you are lost or need to point something. The activity log is very extensive, with travel marks, coordinates, speed, terrain inclination, altitude, time and distance traveled.


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