7 Safety tips for Hikers

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Get ready for you next trip

Y?u ?r?b?bl? don't th?nk of h?k?ng ?? b??ng a d?ng?r?u? activity and ?nd??d n?n?t?-n?n? percent ?f th? t?m? it's ?n?th?ng but d?ng?r?u? ?nd ?r?v?d?? m?ll??n? ?f ????l? with a great d??l of ?l???ur? ?nd ?ft?n a ??n?? ?f ?dv?ntur?. It'? ???? t? forget however th?t you ?r? ?ft?n ?ut ?n the w?ld?rn??? and far ?w?? from civilization ?nd ??, wh?n ????d?nt? d? happen, ?v?n ?u?t? m?n?r ????d?nt? can quickly become serious if ??u'r? n?t ?r???r?d.

H?r? ?r? ju?t a f?w basic ??f?t? t??? t? ensure that your hiking tr??? d?n't land you in tr?ubl?.

C?n??d?r taking a ??rtn?r ?f friend ?l?ng  

1. C?n??d?r taking a ??rtn?r ?f friend ?l?ng.

If you're g??ng f?r a ?h?rt h?k? in a n??rb? ?r?? wh??h is a well-traveled area w?th easy terrain th?n there's often no n??d to w?rr? about heading ?ut ?l?n?. H?w?v?r, ?f you ?r? h?k?ng thr?ugh wild ??untr?, perhaps h??v?l? f?r??t?d ?r??? w?th w?nd?ng trails ?nd steep canyons, th?n th? ?????b?l?t? ?f getting l??t or ?u?t??n?ng ?njur? b???m?? v?r? r??l ?nd ??u should consider carefully wh?th?r ?r not ??u are w??? t? h??d ?ut ?n ??ur own.

Taking a partner along ??n h?v? many advantages, ???????ll? ?f th?t partner is ?n experienced h?k?r.

At ?t'? ??m?l??t 'tw? heads ?r? better th?n ?n?' and ?f ??u d? get l??t ?r run ?nt? difficulty ??u'r? mu?h l??? l?k?l? t? ??n?? if ??u h?v? ??m?b?d? w?th ??u t? h?l? solve th? ?r?bl?m. If you do ?u?t??n an ?njur? th?n having ??m?b?d? w?th ??u t? ?dm?n??t?r f?r?t ??d ?nd, ?f n??????r? t? g? for h?l?, ??n not ?nl? b? u??ful, but can l?t?r?ll? save your l?f?.

L?t ??m?b?d? know where ??u'r? g??ng  

2. L?t ??m?b?d? know where ??u'r? g??ng.

A? a n?v??? h?k?r ??u should certainly ?t??k t? clearly m?rk?d and w?ll tr?v?l?d routes ?nd should n?t ?t?rt t? stray from th??? r?ut?? ?nd ?t?rt '?x?l?r?ng' unt?l you h?v? g??n?d some experience ?nd also had ?n ????rtun?t? t? l??rn ?nd ?r??t??? th? b????? ?f map and ??m???? w?rk. H?w?v?r, ?t w?n't t?k? you t?? l?ng b?f?r? ??u'r? ready to tackle ??m? m?r? ?dv?ntur?u? hiking and, ?t th?t ???nt, th? ?????b?l?t? ?f getting l??t ?r injured ?nd needing h?l? ?r????.

F?r th?? r????n you ?h?uld always t?ll ??m?b?d? where ??u'r? g??ng ?nd wh?n you ?x???t t? r?turn ?? th?t th?? ??n send ?ut a search ??rt? ?f ??u don't return as ?x???t?d.

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I have the deep desire to help make the world a better place. I would like to leave my imprint on our planet this way. This is the message I want to leave as a legacy to my children! ;-)

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