The weather stops you like that?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Are you the kind of person who makes excuses not to go out? If there is a thermometer attached to each of your windows and your home page is the media weather page, chances are you don't get out often.

Petite nature

Too hot, too cold, too rainy and too windy, that's the climate we have. One day you get sunbaked, the next day you have to take out the shovel! If Quebec were a part of the body, there is a good chance that it would constitute all of our emotions! But you know what? I think it's part of the fun to be outdoors, you never know what's in store for you, this little unknown variable makes each outing a unique adventure!


Yes, comfort, I understand. We must ensure a minimum, our body has its limits. I will not conquer the Antarctic by slipping into a tight speedo and I will not launch an expedition into the Amazonian forest armed with an anorak. If humans have been in almost every ecosystem on the planet, it is because they have the ability to adapt. And the good news is, you still have that intelligence in you!

Be prepared

Just remember that weather is a changing variable and that many factors can influence the way you prepare. Are you going to ski in the rocks in the middle of January or play petanque with Granny in the park? You see what I'm getting at... only your way of preparing is bad, never the weather.

In life, there are those who find reasons to stay in their comfort, then there are those who find reasons to do more often what they love. If you have the motivation, you will take the means to enjoy nature no matter the weather outside. Because you know that in nature you will always feel this peace inside you... and that the weather can never change it!


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