How to Avoid Loneliness While Travelling

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Travelling or heading off for a hiking expedition can be a fun and exciting adventure. It can also be lonely and isolating if you don’t think it through. That is especially if you are travelling alone. However, if you plan on going solo, there are a few things you can have or do to mitigate the sense of loneliness.

I. Have Fun Games

There are hundreds of games you can play solo both virtual and real games. Make sure you stock as many of them as you can. You can download four or five apps that have your favourite online games and carry them with you for the journey. You can set targets on how far you aim to score in the games by the time you are back. That will give you something to look forward even to enjoy your road trip.

II. Keep Yourself Engaged

While on the way, you can choose a set of activities that will keep you busy. You might decide to visits places where you can be of help while you are on the road. Loneliness almost always stems from a sense of isolation, therefore avoid staying in your room all day or playing games that keep you away from the rest of the world.

III. Carry Music With You

You can use your phone or your iPod and stuff it with as many varieties of music as possible for the journey. There are countless sites online that give you access to thousands of music online as well as music stores along the way. Music tends to be calming as well as motivating. Over and above that it will keep you connected to something familiar as you venture into new territory. You can also choose to sample the music of the region that you are driving to!

IV. Reach Out To Others On The Trail

This might sound corny and disingenuous, but sometimes you just have to reach out to strangers on a hiking trail or at the motels that you stop in. This may be harder for you if you are an introvert, but people tend to be friendly to new visitors in town. You will make new friends, enjoy yourself and they might redirect you to see great places that may not be all that famous, but they are stunning.

V. Keep An Expectant Heart

Take a trip to an exciting place and expect to enjoy yourself. Go out of your way to look for fun places to be, and interesting places to pass by. Keep your mind focused on the possibility of fun and make sure you have a blast. Don’t let lethargy, boredom or drudgery drag you away from the possibility of engaging and enjoying the culture, music and hospitality that you encounter on the expedition.


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