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Monday, November 14, 2016

Travel Advice from Experienced Travellers

Wouldn't it be lovely to just hit the refresh button on our lives, every once in a while? Do you feel like you need a fresh start on life or a new outlook on things?

We all feel the need to have a fresh start on life, just to give us a break from our mundane, wearisome and hectic daily routines. We need to open our life up to new experiences and feel alive again. What is one of the best ways to do this?

Traveling! Traveling helps us refresh our inner soul or even jumpstart lives. It can make us feel alive again, giving us a new outlook on life.

How does travelling refresh us?

There are so many ways it can refresh us because it opens up our eyes and hearts to new cultures and experiences. The more we travel the more our horizons widen and we begin to see the whole picture. It gives us the opportunity to observe how other people live, interact and carry on with life’s daily activities.

Travelling cannot be defined as time spent or the distance travelled. Travelling is defined by what we do with our free time. It is possible to travel within our own city, by exploring a new park or a day hike around an old growth forest in the area. Travelling can take more time such as, backpacking through Asia or lounging on beach.

Regardless of how we would define travel, the honest truth is: Everyone should experience travel and new things. We all need to break away from our mundane routines and feel alive. In this article we will see some of the best tips and advice for travelling from experienced travellers.

Who to travel with

Before we choose a destination where we want to travel, may it be the local hot springs or flying abroad to see new cultures. Our trips will need proper planning and we will need to take into consideration who to travel with.

Choose your travelling companions wisely. Make sure you feel comfortable with them. Also, choose to travel with friends who desire to do the same things on the trip as you do. Not everyone enjoys travelling in the same manner. Some love to sleep in until noon and others are early birds at getting up and drinking in all the sights and sounds.

It is of upmost importance to travel with friends that we click with. There is nothing worse than travelling with a friend who has different goals and interests. We will return home more exhausted than when we left and that is not the purpose for travelling.

Best tips for searching for accommodation and flights

Ask yourself before you begin to plan your trip: How much money do I have to spend? How much time do I have get away from my life? From there, you can begin to plan your vacation, choosing the appropriate destination and the type of accommodation you will need.

1. Airfare

Flying is the method of travelling preferred by most people. Why? It helps get us to our destination fast and almost on time. It is comfortable and a low-stress way of travelling.

But airfare isn't always the cheapest option, which is why it is encouraged to travel on low season or off-season. There is more availability on the flights, which means cheaper seat prices. Experts encourage using an online flight tracker to get an overall idea of the prices you are looking for travelling at a certain period.

2. Accommodations

There are a wide variety of options when looking for accommodation, such as: high-end resorts, hotels, Bed and Breakfast, vacation rentals or room rentals. One popular new type of accommodation is home exchanging. Also, for the budget traveller there are hostels and camping.

Planning your vacation includes deciding what type of accommodation you desire to use on your stay. But a word of caution, accommodation can take a big chunk of your budget for your vacation.

3. Vacation Packages

This probably one of the less stressful and low maintenance type of travel. It often will include airfare, hotel and car rental and sometimes a cruise.

Search online for the best offer and watch out for hidden fees, such as resort fee per day or extra mileage fees for the car rental. You don't need any surprises such as these to destroy your holiday vibe.

Advice for researching trips

Once we have decided on where to travel and where we will be staying, it is necessary to choose the clothes that we want to wear on our trip.  The rule of thumb is that normally, we will dress accordingly to the weather.

Ask yourself: What is the weather like the month I plan to travel? Also, what types of activities will I be doing there? If we go fishing or just sitting around the beach, we would need to pack our clothes according to the weather and our plans for the trip.

Let's say we decided to go camping with the family. There is a huge chance for disaster if we don't carefully research the area before travelling. What is the weather like? Are there poisonous snakes and plants in the area? Do I have a first aid kit, in case one of the little ones has an accident? Take the time to prepare for your trip.

Check your destination's forecast before leaving your house. Most websites will tell you weather conditions for up to 14 days ahead. This will help you be ready with the proper clothes and equipment for your trip.

Previous preparation for your trip can lead to a relaxing fun time for all. Also, if you come across a little bump in your holiday, you will be prepared for it and it will not take away from your holiday vibe.

Advice on saving while travelling


The best option to save money is to stay at a hostel instead of a hotel. Hostels are designed for sleeping and not comfort, so if you decide to stay at a hostel, use it for sleeping and get outside during the day. Bring a pair of plastic thongs or sandals for the bathroom, as it is shared and not always clean.


We all love to eat but it is a money grabber. The more we eat out, the more we spend. Avoid asking the staff where we are staying for recommendations of places to eat, often they get a kickback if you go there, so it is more expensive. Check online for reviews on cheaper, good eats in the area.

Avoid street food as it might make you sick.

You can rent a room with a kitchen and cook there to help save money. Many rooms already supply the basics such as oil and salt, etc. Before buying canned food items, make sure you have a can opener in the room.

Advice on best travel experiences

Travelling can be one of life's greatest adventures. It can be inspiring and educating, especially if you are visiting famous destinations such as Murree, Peer Sohawa, Rohtas Fort and Lahore in Pakistan. Many of us grew up reading about these exotic places, painting pictures in our minds, but to be able to behold them in person is mind boggling. Nothing is better than personal experience.

Also, there are travel destinations such as Jamaica and Indonesia; it is 100 times more fantastic actually sitting on the beach than just looking at a picture of someone else sitting on the beach. You will be experiencing the soft warm ocean breeze on your face, listening to the waves crashing on the shoreline while you sip your Mai tai.

Traveling during low season gives us the advantage of being able to enjoy the sites without the crowds and irritating tourists. Also, accommodation will be cheaper during this period allowing us to splurge more on enjoying the exotic flavours of the area's cuisine.

Part of travelling is meeting new people. Try and mingle with the locals in the area. Listen to their stories and history, by doing so it will enrich your life. Making new friends, opening doors to stay with them and return later to visit them and actually experience the country as a local.

Be patient, expect an adventure, and embrace the road of uncertainty

Adventure travel has begun a new revolution in travelling. It is about getting outside and experiencing something new and getting involved with it. It might be kayaking on the Alaska coastline watching the Killer Whales or rock climbing in the Andes. It can include activities such as boating, hiking, sky diving, bicycling, sailing, scuba diving and so much more.

It is up to you to decide the risk factor. Some activities might involve classes to learn how to correctly do it, don't give up before you master it, as you will be giving up on a new way to refresh your life.

If you are interested in adventure traveling, it is recommended to use a tour planner and go with a group. Normally, these tour groups are combined with all types of people, families, couples and single ones. So, don't worry if you are travelling alone.

When choosing a tour plan, pick the one that best suits your needs and desires. Don't feel pressured by the agent to do something you are not quite keen on. Choose an activity that will motivate you and renew you.

As we learned, it is possible to refresh our lives and it is as simple as taking the time to plan a little get away, may it be a day thing, a weekend getaway or an exotic adventure travelling the world.

Wherever your travels take you, may it enrich your life with new experiences!


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