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Great Divide Trail - Hiking

Alberta, Canada


Distance 20 KM



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It's a 13.2-kilometer loop trail, located just outside Jasper, Alberta, Canada, and is especially dedicated to very experienced hikers.

There is a lake nearby. The trail is especially used for hiking, running and snowshoeing. You can see a lot of tourists, especially from June to August. If you have a pet, you can take it with you on the condition that you keep it on a leash.

Discover the Great Divide Trail

This circuit, 55 kilometers is a bit difficult. At the end of the course, you will find that you have lost some weight. But this is not so serious, because you could admire extraordinary landscapes. Note that 25 kilometers of this track is in height. Climbing an altitude should not make you retrace your steps.

During this trip, you can also see wild animals such as wolves, mountain lions and woodland caribou, etc. Indeed, these have elected home in this forest. We must not be afraid of it. Eventually, you'll see a grizzly bear basking in this landscape.

To avoid being disappointed, it would be better to make a reservation to have a place and have time to enjoy nature.

Access the Great Divide

This monstrous journey passes by rivers between Alberta and British Columbia. It stretches over 1,100 kilometers in the Canadian Rockies and is one of the most spectacular hiking areas in the world. Indeed, this track is the most difficult. You will not find one that will look like him. Your journey will begin at Watertown National Park and finish at Kakwa Provincial Park.

The Great Divide Trail has not yet been officially launched. However, it is a trail offering a clear route, located in nature, encouraging modern adventurers to choose the same routes as the old investigators to visit the region. A tour on the Great Divide Trail promises to be painful, but you will have an unforgettable experience in the middle of nature, in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Why choose the GDT ?

The Great Divide Trail (GDT) is a trail in the Canadian Rockies. It begins at Waterton Lakes National Park on the Canada-US border and ends at 1,130 kilometers north of Kakwa Provincial Park.

The GDT is composed of several trails, joined together by mountain bike trails, roads, rail corridors and nature trails. TDM passes through five national parks, eight regional parks, three natural provincial parks, two natural areas and two special management zones.

Outside the parks, the Great Divide Trail is changing from a well-developed trail to a wilderness trail. The latter crosses the country. However, you have to have special abilities to go through all that. Most of the trails on this trail are spaced between them.

A trip on this path promises to be fruitful, but not without some challenges. Indeed, hiking conditions are mostly difficult and almost perilous. During this trip, you will see various images of nature such as glacial streams, potential summer snow gusts, and the sudden appearance of bears, see grizzlies, mosquitoes, etc. you can also admire varied flora, snow-capped mountains, iridescent glacial waters, abundant wildlife and incomparable panoramas at every turn!

This may seem discouraging to some but awesome for animal and nature enthusiasts.

The Great Divide track was created for non-mechanized use only. It is dedicated especially for hikers on foot and on horseback. Crossing the Trans-Canada Trail and the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail, it straddles both routes for approximately 30 kilometers.

It is true that visiting all the integers would be ideal, but not everyone can finish them all together. It's a real obstacle course. However, if you decide to take up the challenge, do not forget to wear special shoes, bottled water, a hat and a snack!



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