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Tonquin Valley, Jasper National Park, Alberta - Hiking

Alberta, Canada


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Why choose this trail?

If you go through Jasper National Park, you will discover the Tonquin Valley Backcountry Lodge.

This is one of the tracks that man has not yet transformed to me. Indeed, it is one of the wildest trails currently. This is one of the tracks not to be missed.

Discover the Tonquin Valley

Located 23 km from the nearest road, and begins at the edge of the Ramparts Mountain and on the shores of Lake Amethyst. Its major asset is that tourists can visit it as well by hiking, that is to say by walking, but can also be a horse. From this fact, you could take the time to admire the landscape, while at the same time riding.

Offering high mountains, the Tonquin Valley in Alberta can also be a great place to enjoy an unforgettable vacation and enjoy the Canadian Rockies.

Measuring 72.1 km, the Tonquin Valley Trail is not made for beginners. It is best to visit it from July to September.

The Tonquin Valley is unique because it is located 2000 meters above sea level. To access this track, you can choose between 3 distinct paths. During this journey, you will be amazed to see the different landscapes, as well as the various sawtooths that will have to pass. You can also see a landscape of pretty flowers, Amethyst Lake, glaciers, as well as steep ramparts.

The Portal Creek Trail

The Portal Creek Trail is located at 2160 meters and passes through flowery meadows. Following this trail, you will quickly see the Maccarib Creek, which is located in the northern part of Amethyst Lake. It is therefore a place that should not be missed. Note that the name Maccarib comes from the Indian word caribou. The closest trail to Portal Creek is Meadow Creek. It is a very difficult track, used only by mountaineers. Indeed, these are often used to spend the evening on the summits of the Ramparts.

For tourists, this trip is not often advisable. If you have a trip plan and not for a day of hiking, the first two trails are excellent. Indeed, they pass through unique sites to end at the famous Tonquin Valley. Come to this place, you will be able to admire unimaginable views. You will have a unique wilderness 8experience. Note that the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC), which offers hikers houses, also has three other barracks in Jasper National Park, including Colin Huts, Fryatt and Mount Alberta.

If you are the kind of person who likes to keep the memories of yesteryear, then you will be served. The mountains of this trail still retain their rustic side. You can bring your sleeping bag and tents with you if needed. But to the delight of hikers, sleeping bags are already installed in the rooms. Most of the time, you can already find a bed with a mattress in them. The supplies in the huts are usually complete. If you wish to spend the night there, it would be better to make a reservation directly at the CCA national office.

How to access the Tonquin Valley

If you do not have a landmark yet, the Tonquin Valley is close to the city of Jasper. It's a moderate track, and you can finish it in 7 days maximum. However, for someone who wants to finish it quickly, this track can be discovered in 2 days. But in this case, it will just as well work quickly, do not take a break or take a picture. It will be a race to the watch. This method is by no means right if you have in mind to admire its beautiful landscape and take pictures.

And yet, this track has been declared as the most beautiful by serious hikers.

The Tonquin Valley is comprised of five trails: the Astoria River, Maccarib Pass, Eremite Valley, Moat Lake and ACC Chrome Lake Trail. If you choose the rainy season to go, then take boots because it's slippery. It is for this reason that we advise hikers to go there at the beginning of July. During your walks, you can share the road with that of a group of grizzly bears. In this case, it will be necessary to be very careful and not to disturb them. Wild animals also have their place in this park. It is for this reason that one should not be surprised if one sees this kind of animal on your way.

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