Black Tusk, Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia - Hiking

Black Tusk, Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia - Hiking

British Columbia, Canada


Elevation gain

2,319 meters

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Why choose this trail?

The Black Tusk is different from all other mountains in the region by its unique appearance. The black volcanic dome can be seen all along the Sea to Sky Highway. In case you decide to ski in Whistler, you will not miss seeing it directly from the top of the chairlift. This volcano overlooks up to 2319 m. however, you do not have to go to the top to feel like you've been crisscrossing it.

Discover the Black Tusk

Although the first six kilometers of this track are unattractive, and it runs along tedious trees, you will be surprised by the Taylor Meadows. From the Taylor Creek campground, the trail passes through pastures and countless rivers. During the summer season, you can discover the various wild flowers, and in autumn, they will amaze you with their color. After crossing the forest, it will take you an hour to cross the black slopes which are a little steep, at the foot of the Black Tusk. This trail is sometimes snow-covered until late in summer.

Once you reach the Black Tusk, you can finish the journey at the end of the day. From there, the circuit becomes a bit difficult. Indeed, it is necessary to climb, to pass by friable and rotten rocks. After all these efforts, you'll soon be relieved by seeing Lake Garibaldi to the south, Helm and Cinder Flats lakes to the east and the Tantalus range to the southwest. This is the major asset of this track. That's why you should not forget to take pictures and take your time.

Black Tusk

If you have chosen to travel an easy trail, hoping to discover turquoise lakes and wonderful views, then take the Black Tusk Trail in Garibaldi Provincial Park. The park is located between Squamish and Whistler. This hike will take you to Black Tusk, the most important summit of the park and where you will see a volcano in full swing. In nine kilometers, you will be able to reach the jewel of the lake, the Lake Garibaldi and its camp-site. Then another seven kilometers will guide you directly to the Black Tusk base.

If you are a passionate tourist, who needs an exciting challenge, then you can go to Squamish. This is where you will discover the famous Black Tusk hiking trail. This hike, a little difficult, will require a climb of more than 1,740 meters, as well as a great physical and mental fitness to reach the top of the mountain.

The characteristics of Squamish

Black Tusk is usually a vertical track. Indeed, it is a steep circuit, whatever side you want to climb. You have to prepare physically and morally to reach the top. It is for this reason that it is clear from the beginning that this is an extremely difficult track. Your walk will take place on a tight path, skirting the edge of a descent of screed containing fragments of broken rocks. Therefore, the activities you want to do during this trip must be done in peace, because you must perpetually have in mind the space around you.

What draws hikers on this dangerous track is that the higher you ride the more breathtaking, unique, and unimaginable. It's worth the effort. You can see different scenic landscapes, alpine meadows and lake with crystal clear waters of Lake Garibaldi. You will also be able to meet various wild animals. Indeed, we can see bears, eagles and marmots, etc, depending on the season.

Many hikers take breaks to reach the top of the volcano. Climbing it is not for everyone. Indeed, it would be better to have just as good a physical and moral capacity to make this escalation, which is not easy! Fortunately, the view we are going to discover is worth it!

Joining the true summit of Black Tusk, which is only one meter higher than the top of the summit, is even more difficult. This forces you to go down slightly to have the right maneuver to resume the climb. This performance is so difficult that park officials will explain it to you before you choose this track.

Black Tusk Hiking Trail

The Black Tusk Trail is located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, between the towns of Squamish and Whistler. It is usually 17.4 kilometers long and will take you to the famous Black Tusk Peak. For beginners, the latter is molten lava, which has been hardened to eventually turn into a huge rock. The heat is normal during this trip!

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