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Frontenac Provincial Park, Ontario - Hiking

Ontario, Canada




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Ontario has many interesting trails for hikers. There are several lakes that can be visited during a hike. Take a tour to admire the Arabian Lakes for example, or Arkon Lake, Big Salmon Lake, Cedar Lake etc. Your choice will depend on your needs, what you want to discover. For those who love animals, for example, they can jump to Dog Lake to see the beaver ponds.


Make an incredible discovery

Frontenac Provincial Park is a semi-wilderness site. Indeed, the landscape is composed of granite, wetlands, but the fauna and flora also have their place. It is therefore a very attractive place for hikers who are not afraid of wild animals. Indeed, taking a canoe would be convenient to admire kingfishers, deer, black bears, coyotes and foxes, but also beavers. For tourists, a small training on wildlife is proposed by the villagers in summer and winter. This has been developed so that they can know what to do if they are in front of a wild animal during their journey.

The best trails that guides offer to tourists often go through difficult areas, ending at Moulton Gorge, the Arkon Lake Bog, the Lac Noir family property and the Crab Lake mines.



The slopes to choose


Don’t be surprised if someone tells you that the journey is around 160 km. In fact, this is not the distance of a runway, but that of each loop that is added to the distance between the beginning of a runway and the main office of Frontenac Provincial Park. It is difficult to know exactly the distance of each track. For paths on one path may cross another. You do not have to start a trail from the park office, even if the indicated distance starts there.

To choose the tracks, it is better to know in advance the weather. Even if the weather changes very often, do not rely too much on it. For example, hikers are often advised to choose the Big Salmon Trail in the spring until late fall. A parking lot was set up around the starting points of each trail. Thanks to this, if you are tired after walking, you will have great relief seeing your car nearby.




Examples of trails that can be discovered

Take for example the path of the Arab Lake Gorge. With a distance of 1.5 km, it's a very easy track. It can be browsed in just 30 minutes. Despite this, we can admire the fauna and flora that is exposed.

With an 11 km loop, Arkon Lake is located west of Frontenac Provincial Park. This trip can be visited in 3 to 5 hours, but this will depend mainly on the endurance and motivation of each. While passing by this lake, one can have an unimaginable view on the lakes Arkon and Bircher.



By contrast, Big Salmon Lake is 17 km long. It has been found that the beginning of this trail starts exactly 4.5 km from the main park office. It is a bit far. With the different landscapes that we will discover, we will spend nearly 5 to 7 hours of time on this track. In no case should you forget to take pictures. With its forest, its cliffs and its belvederes, it is not easy to forget its device.

Unlike these tracks mentioned above, the Cedar Lake Loop is a wet track. Indeed, it is the most difficult part because all the trails are slippery. Turning around 14 km, and despite all the difficulties that can be encountered with this humidity, we can finish it in 4 to 6 hours maximum time. It's still too short for a beginner. If you have a problem with your shoes, we often advise hikers to wear non slip shoes.

Starting exactly from the Frontenac Provincial Park office, the Doe Lake Trail is just 3 km. We can finish it in 1 hour of time even if we are not a professional.

Along the beaver ponds, this loop climbs to Lake Doe to finish at Lake Otter. However, we must prepare because this track has some reliefs.

These are some of the trails in this park. To have an approximate duration of the time you spend there, it would be advisable to check the weather and your physical abilities. Since we can spend the day, we must always have with us a bottle of water, a plan, a snack. The use of the phone is however prohibited in this park.


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