La Cloche Silhouette Trail

Ontario, Canada


Distance 100 KM


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When you want to travel, to
discover new lands, or simply to explore new trails, many people want to leave
for new adventures, new destinations by following a track. This is very
effective if you want to walk, do some exercise, breathe fresh air and see all
that the country has to offer. At each stop, more appealing and more
fascinating than ever before, the traveler will discover that Ontario is the
ideal place to enjoy nature.

La Cloche Silhouette 

For novices, the La Cloche Silhouette trail is a trail, with a distance
of 78 km, and crossing mountains. Located in Killarney Provincial Park,
Ontario, Canada, its name was given after a painting of "The Bell
Silhouette" by Franklin Group of Seven painters Franklin Carmichael.

 During this hike, one can be dazzled
by the wildlife that scatters throughout the journey. However, for those who do
not like animals, it is not recommended to go there because they are
practically visible in the park. Black bears, moose, deer, snakes, turtles and
beavers can be seen here, among other animals.

Killarney Park

Killarney Park has four equally attractive trails for
family walking, or why not? These include Granite Ridge Trail, Chikanishing
Trail, Cranberry Bog Trail and La Cloche Silhouette Trail. It should be noted
that, no matter which path you will follow, you will be stunned by an
incredible and unique view.

The trails not to be missed

The Granite Ridge Trail has unimaginable views of the heights of La Cloche and
runs along the meadows and woods. For those who love adventure, learn history,
there's nothing like taking a ride on the Chikanishing Trail. Indeed, this type
of traveler will have the pleasure of easily finding iron rings, dating back
several years, and used to connect the cables when working in the forest.
However, much information is also displayed on plaques, so that the adventurer
can know the history of Georgian Bay.

The Cranberry Bog Trail is full of peat bogs, marshes and swamps. It is in
these places that one can easily find different types of food, ideal for beaver
and different species of birds. It should be noted that apart from the birds,
we can also see the exceptional appearance of turtles.

Finally, the La Cloche Silhouette trail is the longest. Indeed, we can crown
the crusade only after 10 days, especially if we want to see the complete
trail. However, if you want to hike at all costs, it is often advisable to give
yourself a few days of rest along the way to make discoveries. Note that the
bell Silhouette runs through streams, and rapids, but do not forget to admire
the wildlife all around.

Ontario is a very big city. To discover it in
all its aspects, it is advisable to browse it by car. It is therefore
superfluous to describe the types of fauna and flora that you will see during
the trip.

For this hike, you can choose from
professional ballads, that is, with an epic backpack, or a circuit in Point
Pelee National Park. Here are some tracks that attract tourists currently.  


Bruce Trail, Bruce Peninsula National Park

This trail is the longest trail that can be found in
Ontario, measuring up to 800 km. It follows the slope of the Niagara Falls. A
21-kilometer stretch through Bruce Peninsula National Park is especially
captivating. Indeed, during this hike, you will be able to contemplate an
incomparable view of the crest of a cliff, to see caves, to admire a
crystalline blue water of the Caribbean and beaches of white stone. It is for
all these reasons that this track is the ideal route to follow, especially for
a short hike. It should be noted that coaches offer their service during the
summer to cross the park from Toronto during weekends.

Aside from the rivers, with its boating, which makes Ontario the most
attractive route, you will not have to ignore its trails either. Indeed, this
region has a mountain rising up to 693 meters; its hiking trails also offer
tourists various types of captivating landscapes as each other. For example, we
can see Lake Superior, which offers a vertiginous slope, very wet places, old
hunters' cabins, etc.

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Lake Superior Provincial Park is one of the
places that are currently attracting a lot of tourists. Indeed, it is one of
the largest of the "Great Lakes" of Ontario.
This park offers hikers the most extraordinary wilderness.

The trail leads hikers directly to the summit of
Mazinaw Rock. However, you can also go for another track to find unique
granites, as well as pink gneiss hardened rock.

This different trail allows hikers to assess
their physical capacity. Despite this, fatigue will soon be forgotten as soon
as you see an original view, typical of the region itself.


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