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The Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail Bike Path - Hiking

Ontario, Canada


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The Pauline Browes Future Leaders Fellowship offers learners with practical learning possibilities in the Rouge National Urban Park to cultivate Canada's next generation of conservation leaders. And GWTA 2019's tour info from Sault Ste Marie to Sudbury is now available on our self-guided cycle tours page. Follow us on Social Media or check back here at the end of December 2019 for the 2020 Tour announcements. Registration will open in January! Constant use of contact.

Cycling routes

Even with an estimated one-quarter of a million lakes in Ontario, there is probable to be only a very tiny proportion of lake rides and a workable challenge restricted to one day or two max. All rights are reserved. The Waterfront Trail is also used by commuters in southern Ontario. "I want to guarantee that all the individuals of this province gain from our investments in the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, because that's how we can develop as One Ontario.

Extending our trail system and linking more communities is a excellent way for the Games to thrive well beyond 2015. "Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, October 3, 2013. The announcement ensures that "the province will work with First Nation and Métis communities and organisations to integrate Aboriginal markers along the paths to honor the history and culture of Aboriginal groups in Ontario." Trails will link to four main Pan Am and Parapan Am Games venues – CIBC Pan Am / Parapan Am Athletes ' Village, CIBC Pan Am Park, CIBC Hamilton Soccer Stadium and Pan Am / Parapan Am Fields. All consultations linked to the Pan Am / Parapan Am trails will address the accessibility demands of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Great lake, shores of lake Ontario

In November 2013, two waterfront design companies were chosen to re-imagine room on the former Ontario Place premises in Toronto to integrate a wider mandate for green space and parkland. The jewel of the Waterfront Trail is located at the Toronto Islands Ferry Terminal, where you can catch a ferry to the expansive Toronto Islands, including Center Island and Hanlon's Point Beach. The Waterfront Trail is anticipated to link to the massive Toronto PATH underground system in 2015. Cyclists and skaters are encouraged on a peaceful island where only commercial vehicles are allowed.

Among the creative features of this section of the path are the architecturally known Wave Decks, designed by West8. The Beaches community in eastern Toronto is an significant place on the path, being one of the only neighborhoods in Toronto with residential homes next to the lakeshore. The Beach itself is a famous destination, hosting beach volleyball matches and attracting a lot of cyclists and rollerbladers. From the Beaches, the path, called the Martin Goodman Trail, runs west along the waterfront of Toronto for its entire length, with only a few segments on the town roads.

There is currently no road running east along the waterfront from the Beaches. Most of the path is segregated from traffic, with the exception of some residential roads on the east end of the Adamson Estate. Spencer Smith Park in Burlington is a prime instance of the evolution of mixed-use development and urban planning in the Greater Toronto Area. In 2013, the City of Burlington opened a fresh pier anchoring the path along the coasts of the lake.

Individuals and organizations can sometimes be seen performing yoga, t'ai chi and other arts at the government gazebo. In addition, Spencer Smith Park hosts the annual Sound Of Music Festival, a long-standing tradition and celebration for Halton and surrounding regions. In July 2014, the Ontario Provincial Government announced a $100 million refurbishment plan to transform Ontario Place from an entertainment venue to a enormous mixed-use park that will anchor the path in this section. Unlike Quebec's comprehensive trail system-Route Verte-parts of the path are unavailable for secure cycling.

Waterfront regeneration, bike ride

An attempt is being made by the Waterfront Regeneration Trail, the project operators, to expand the cycling parts of the path. "Some of the greatest disincentives for cyclotourists are bad road conditions that force cyclists into traffic and a lack of decent signage."


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Waterfront Trail, Pickering, ON L1W 2A7, Canada

Rating and comments

Normand Hird
Normand Hird
Great place for evening and campfire. 🙂
James Kirby
James Kirby
A nice long trail for a daily walk. The view from the bridge is even more spectacular; you can see the lake and, more, the "sea of cattails" on the other side of the lake. When the sea breeze blows, the cattails sway with rhythm. It is simply beautiful as heaven. You can go down to the lake, there is a narrow trail.
Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson
I ride my bike to or from Toronto a few times a week. Love the trail. Safe off the road, well maintained, and facilities if needed (cold water and washroom)
Brice Kreitzer
Brice Kreitzer
Scarborough is lucky to have these types of areas. This location offers beach area with fishing. It has a great walking or biking trail. Word to the cyclist GET A BELL AND USE IT and dog owners keep your dog on a leash it is the law!
Wiley Fausto
Wiley Fausto
Nice place to walk, or bike with the family, or on your own. You are surrounded by nature and beauty.

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