Mont-Tremblant National Park - Hiking

Mont-Tremblant National park - Hiking

Laurentides, Quebec


Difficulty Easy
Distance 6 KM
Elevation gain 404 M




Mont Tremblant National Park is a true haven of peace located  in the heart of the Laurentian region, about 140km  from the city of Montreal. This wonderful place takes  its name from Mont Tremblant  and is the oldest natural park in Quebec; indeed it was created in 1895 and this year it celebrated its 125th anniversary.

The park has a very large territory  that stretches over 1510 km2,with six large rivers, mountains and 400 lakes. Thisseason thousands of tourists  comehere to admire the beauty of its huge forestsat a loss of eye and to  be  enchanted by the colors ofthe feuillage during the autumn.

Just because of its vastness,a single day is not enough to visit Mount Tremblan t National Park. Itsrritory is divided  between three different sectors,all toexplore:

·         Devil'sArea, which is dominated byMount Tremblant and where most of the hiking trails are concentrated

·         Area of the Pimbina, which is wilder and preses into the Rat Falls, a 17m waterfall

·         Assumption Area, recommended especially for more expert hikers, where you can go  wild camping

Itis  mainly  the sports activitiesto attract visitors to the  park. Indeed ihere, in winter as in summer, there is always some chdare todo!

In particular, for thisux  who like to walk there are  82km of hiking trails,as wellas10community refugees to spend the night.

A recommended trail

If this is thefirst timeyou comehere and you want to walk a fairly easy trail, but which  offers  a superb panorama,you can choose the one of La Corniche. This course  takes place almost entirely in the woodsand it isuphill (moderatedanyway!).

As far as length is concerned, this is a 3.4km  (round trip) path with intermediate difficulty. However, families with children can also enjoy it, since the trail iswellorganized  and thereare no features too steep. You could say  it'sthe perfectroute to introduce kids to hiking!

In addition, La Corniche is the shortest trail in the Devil's area and is well known for its highest point, a superb lookout located at 135m above sea level,from where you can have a magnificent view of the two lakes, Little Monroe and Monroe Lake, with their  bends and small beaches.

The starting point of the trail is the Corniche Parking,which is 1.7km fromthe Park DiscoveryCentre. Once you arrive at the parking lot it is enough to follow the directions that lead you to the trail.

Finally, if you prefer to hike longer, the Corniche forms a loop with two other trails,  the Rock and the Stream,for a total  of 8.2km.


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Scott Peacock
Scott Peacock
Mission accomplished. It's fab!!
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Jane Maxwell
You need to try this place.

Why visit this place

The Natural Park of Mont Tremblant offers the possibility  to practice many sports activities throughout the year. Always about hiking,in winter you can enjoy the long groomed trail of the Discovery Centre,which reaches Lake Lauzon.

As far as snow sportsare  concerned, we also have:

·         Cross-country skiing

·         Nordic skiing

·         Snowshoes

·         The Slide

In particular, in the Devil's area there are 43km of cross-country ski runs,divided into six courses of different difficulties. You can easily rent all the equipment for your descent to the Discovery Center, it is enough  to re-servein advance byphone. In addition, if you are stayinginside thepark, access to cross-country ski trails  is free!

During the summer the park also offers a lot offun. For example, you can take advantage ofa numberofrivers for a canoe, kayak or pedalo crossing. Therentals for rent are stable and of excellent quality, so you can be sure to practice your favorite sport andallsafety!

Or: among the activities that can be done here we can not forget the observation of wildlife. With its huge green spaces and lakes, Mont Tremblant National Park is the remaining  home of many speciesofmammals, birds, fish andphibians. Theemblem of theparkis the wolf of the east,but we also find

·         The white-tailed deer

·         The Black Bear

·         The Canadian Beaver

·         The peak

·         The Great Harle

Things not to be missed

One of the reasons mounting Tremblant National Park is such a well-known destination is probably its incredible variety ofaccommodation solut ions. In the first place one can choose from some cottage typologies that are deployed among the various areas of the park:

·         Classic

·         Ḗcho

·         Nature

·         EXP

·         Compact

Eachty pology  can accommodate up to 2 to 10 people and it is equipped with more orless  services,  depending on the type of stay you would like to have.

Compact chalets  are practical and simple,when EXP chalets offer the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in nature thanks to the large glass windows with its gifted homes.

Imust  then  mention the yurt, a kind ofremovable house typical of the people of Central Asia In the park they are found in the area assomption; it will seem to you to have fallen into another world!

If you like camping,you'll be happy to know that the Parc du Mont Tremblant has more than 887 pitches for your tents and trailers. In this case too, one can choose between the comfort of a camping or a more rustic solution.

By completely changing the type of stay, at the Tremblant resort, which is located near the park, there are severalsuch hos. The  Quintessence,  for example,offers various offers dedicated to visitors to the park.

And finally, why not try a good rustic mountain menu? At the restaurant La Savoie you can taste the superb raclette and cheese fondue.

Discover the Laurentians

The Laurentians are a region of Quebec, which stretches on the north shore of the Saint Laurent River, justa few miles from Montreal. One would not be how to define it: a natural paradise,  a gastronomic destination, a cultural and entertainment center for everyone... here there is everything you desire!

Tourism is indeed the most important activity in the region because of the many activities  to do,which  will satisfy  you whatever the holidays of your dreams. In winter the mostpopular urbanarea is  Tremblant,  a ski area with 102 slopes spread between  the four slopes of the mountain of the same name.

Another aspect for which the area is so well known is surely  its wilderness. From the Laurentian Mountains, to green forests, or even lakes: all this is a beautiful picture that you don't see easy everyday! In the region there are    various  national parks where you can enjoy the full arin all seasons, such as that of Mont Tremblant or that of the  P'tit Train du Nord, which is very special since itis a long multifunctional trail thatcan be covered byveloor cross-country skiing.

If you are on a family holiday you must definitely visit the Santa Village,which every year in December offers many activities all dedicated to children: magic shows, water slides, farm animals...

Finally,as far as gastronomy is concerned, lovers of good productswilldiscoverthe Route du Terroir, a long marked road of226km  located in the Lower Laurentians and Argenteuil, through which one can discover  the culinarydelights   of the region.