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Cobb Mountain, California - Hiking

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Elevation gain

1,439 meters

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Cobb Mountain is the tallest mountain in the Mayacamas Mountains of California. Its 4720+ feet, (1439+ m) main summit is located in Lake County, west of the town of Cobb. Like nearby Mount Saint Helena, Cobb Mountain is tall enough to receive winter snowfall. The mountain also has a sub-peak named Cobb Mountain – Southwest Peak with an elevation of about 4483+ feet, (1367+ m) NAVD 88; Southwest Peak lies on the Sonoma-Lake county line and is the highest point in Sonoma County. Nearby tall peaks like Mount Saint Helena and Snow Mountain can be seen from this summit. The east end of Cobb Mountain drains into the headwaters of Putah Creek, then into the Sacramento River, the San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean. The south slopes of Cobb Mountain drain into Anderson Creek, and thence into Putah Creek. The southwest slopes of Cobb Mountain drain into Cobb Creek, thence into Big Sulphur Creek, the Russian River, and into the Pacific. The northwest slopes of Cobb Mountain drain into Alder Creek, thence into Kelsey Creek, Clear Lake, Cache Creek, and the Sacramento River. The northeast slopes of Cobb Mountain drain into Kelsey Creek. Much of Cobb Mountain lies within The Geysers Geothermal Field, and several geothermal plants are located on the mountain. Other areas on the mountain are owned by Cobb Mountain Spring Water (now sold as Mayacamas Mountain Spring Water) or are privately held timberlands. Because much of Cobb Mountain is privately owned, it is largely not accessible to the general public.

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1439.00 M

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