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The Jericho trail is a 3.4-mile (5.5 km) Blue-Blazed hiking trail in the Oakville section of Watertown, near the border with Thomaston and Plymouth, Litchfield County, Connecticut. The trail is contained almost entirely in a section of the Mattatuck State Forest. The mainline (official "Blue" "non-dot") trail is a linear north-south "hike-through" trail with one east-west connector trail (the Blue-Blazed with yellow dot Whitestone-Jericho Connector) to the Whitestone Cliffs Blue-Blazed Trail. The trail is listed as one of the three short 'Waterbury Area Trails' in the Connecticut Walk Book West. The Jericho trail is a linear trail with a trailhead and parking area at the trails southern terminus on Echo Lake Road and a connector trail leading to Connecticut Route 262 in the west. The northern terminus terminates at the trail's intersection with the Mattatuck Trail near the Leatherman's Cave and Crane's Lookout. The Whitestone-Jericho Connector trail which leaves Mattatuck State Forest, travels alongside Connecticut Connecticut Route 262, going under Route 8, then over the Naugatuck River using Connecticut Route 262 before following the Naugatuck River norther before entering the Whitestone Cliffs area of the Mattatuck State Forest to meet with the Whitestone Cliffs Trail. Notable features several scenic overlook views including an 810-foot summit with a 270 degree panorama (Crane's Lookout 41.6293°N 73.0565°W / 41.6293; -73.0565). The trail stops just before Crane's Lookout and the Leatherman's Cave underneath, both which are on the Mattatuck Trail. The trail is maintained largely through the efforts of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association.

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