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Cup and Saucer Trail - Hiking


Distance 16 KM

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Why choose this trail?

For those who already know the place, you will be amazed by the change made there. The entry has been completely changed. The Escarpment Biosphere Reserve has updated the plan, where you can find the exact coordinates to start this trail.


Discover the Cup and Saucer track



A track set between Little Current and Bidwell Rd, it is unique with its 70-meter cliffs stretching for 2 km. Like all the trails that can currently be found, the Cup and Saucer crosses a forest of a distance equal to 12 km, and the 2 km of this is really difficult. This trail is one of those hikers enjoy in Ontario.

The choice is difficult and many. But the path to take depends on your physical abilities and the difficulties you want to meet or not. A track can be covered in 4 hours maximum.

Since many tourists are interested in this section, it would be odd if you meet many people in the opposite direction during your trips. If this happens, it will mean that you are wrong. If you have time to enjoy it, and if it does not change your plans, you can continue, and resume the track again!



Find the right track

You can easily see a very practical, easy track. The latter was generated by the endless passage of vehicles. For your information, the Cup and Saucer track is very narrow compared to the others. The latter is one of those kinds of paths where you will never encounter obstacles. That's why it's ideal if you start for the first time! What is amazing on this track is that we can see orange ribbons on the trees. This is the way to tell hikers the right path to the hills.


When you arrive on the site, you can start by visiting the area where you can take gravels, to access the first crossing. If you turn left, you will see the blue trail. Here, your adventure will be unforgettable. Indeed, you will be able to pass under the cliffs, and to leave at the level of the second stage of the site. At the summit, you will see on your left the main trail, and to the west is the blue trail. The latter is very popular with young people. Indeed, arrived on this track, they usually go to the cave, which is located just under the cup path. It is unthinkable as discovery.

With a total distance of 8 km, the Cup and Saucer Trail offers a glimpse of the Blueberry Marsh and Manitou Lake, cliffs, a forest. Do not forget to take pictures because this is the main goal during a hike. Like all perilous trails, you must be very careful during the journey. Because we can slip, fall even if the weather is dry.



Why choose this path

The Cup and Saucer Trail is a 5 km bike path, located northeast of Manitoulin, Ontario, Canada. Wildlife and fauna have their place in this landscape. The trail offers several activities and it is best to visit it from April to the end of October. If you have a pet, you can take it with you, but you will have to watch it closely!


You can choose between the three types on this trail: the blue trail, the red trail and the yellow trail. The total distance of these last rounds around 9.5 km. We can begin this walk with the red trail. It is just 4 km. You can then continue with the blue trail if you are not tired. The latter measures exactly 5 km and is part of these easier trails with its beautiful forest. And finally, the red trail, also called adventure trail, is the most chosen, whatever the days of the week! To know the exact reason for this choice, it is better to jump straight into it.

All these sections are just as interesting as each other. And surprises are not lacking! If you want to discover them all together, it will only take you 3 hours to finish this 9.5 km. You just have to have a good walking speed, know how to appreciate nature, and do not forget to take pictures. It should be noted that a hike on each of these tracks can last 20 minutes. An original view will reward your efforts. You can admire cliffs, rivers, forests just as unimaginable as each other.


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