Mont Sir-Wilfrid - Hiking

Mont Sir-Wilfrid - Hiking


Difficulty Easy
Elevation gain 777 M

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Why choose this trail?

The Mount Sir Wilfrid was named in honor of the Canadian Prime Minister the Right Honourable Sir Wilfrid Laurier . It is located southeast of Baskatong in the region of Hautes-Laurentides .
Legend has it that the mountain is haunted by the Windigo , a monster mythology Algonquin , demonic cannibal giant and possessed of the evil spirit. Was feared and threatened in children, hence its name mountain "Devil," which is an adaptation in the language of the white of the "evil spirit Windigo."

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46.689993 -75.595027

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Mary Frazier
Mary Frazier
Mission accomplished. It's fab!!
6 years ago
Brice Kreitzer
Brice Kreitzer
You need to try this place.
7 years ago
Tiana Coster
Tiana Coster
You loved it
5 years ago

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What is the elevation of Mont Sir-Wilfrid?

777.00 M

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