Black Mountain, New York - Hiking

Black Mountain, New York - Hiking

New York, United States


Difficulty Moderate
Distance 12 KM
Elevation gain 805 M



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Black Mountain is a mountain located in Washington County, New York, of which its peak is the highest point. Isolated from the rest of the Adirondack Mountains by Lake George, Black Mtn. has the seventh highest topographic prominence of all the mountains in New York.

Black Mountain stands within the watershed of Lake Champlain, thence into Canada's Richelieu River, the Saint Lawrence River, and into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The northwest and south sides of Black Mtn. drain into Lake George, thence into La Chute River, and Lake Champlain. The northeast side of Black Mtn. drains into Pike Brook, thence into the South Bay of Lake Champlain.

Black Mountain is within New York's Adirondack Park.


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43.606685 -73.531189

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