Giant Mountain, New York - Hiking

Giant Mountain, New York - Hiking

New York, United States


Difficulty Hard
Distance 5 KM
Elevation gain 1,410 M
Animal Dog allowed




Giant Mountain is the twelfth-highest peak in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park, in New York, USA. The peak is also known as "Giant of the Valley," due to its stature looking over Keene Valley and St. Huberts to the west. The prominent rock slides on the mountain's steep western face and its location away from most other large peaks make it quite an imposing figure, leading to its name.

There are three main trails up Giant, one from the east, and two from the west. The two most popular routes begin on trailheads along New York State Route 73, one near St. Huberts ("Roaring Brook Trail") and the other near Chapel Pond ("Zander Scott Trail"). The two trails climb the southern ridge of the mountain, meeting up about a mile south of the summit. The Zander Scott Trail is shorter than the Roaring Brook Trail but steeper.

The third trail begins from the east, near the town of New Russia, and is not as commonly climbed due to the longer hike. The route climbs Bald Peak, a smaller mountain with unusual krummholz that is predominately Northern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis), then begins the ascent of Rocky Peak Ridge. After summiting Rocky Peak Ridge, hikers descend a small coll before ascending to the Giant summit. This route is more commonly used by those attempting to become Adirondack Forty-Sixers, since Rocky Peak is a required peak.



What are the best trails at Giant Mountain, New York ?

  • Trails
  • test
    0 km
    0 m
  • Rocky
    18 km
    400 m
  • Sommet
    12 km
    600 m


Access fee Free
No information
44.1612881 -73.7204719

Contact Information

1002 Adirondack Loj Road, Lake Placid, NY 12946-0867

Rating and comments

Tawny Olin
Tawny Olin
Giant and Rocky Peak are two of my favorite mountains to hike. I have done this high peak in all seasons and love the view every time. I particularly enjoy hiking it in the winter as there are less crowds and the views/terrain is spectacular.
Angel Gibbs
Angel Gibbs
Completed early September. Was a tough hike with large slabs to traverse near the top. No views for us, but fun day on the mountain.
Anna Lopez
Anna Lopez
Amazing and fun hike with good views at the top
Brice Kreitzer
Brice Kreitzer
I only give it below a five because even back in August 1994 when last I climbed it with a friend from Rte 73 it was too crowded for my taste. It is beautiful and challenging but it saddens me to see this area less and less treated like wilderness and more like some day hiker or trail runner's back yard. We did this after a multi-day backpacking traverse of the Wolfjaws, Armstrong and Gothics. This day my friend and I just took one of our empty backpacks and put in food, water, and emergency kit and foul weather clothes. We descended again via the Rte 73 trail. I had made a spring attempt May 5 of 1994 via the longer 9N route with another friend but we had no snowshoes or crampons (too young to afford them as a Florida transplant in grad school) and only made it to Giant lean-to 1.7 miles short of the summit due to remaining waist-deep soft snow. Camped there overnight and returned the same way (5.7 miles each way).
Jane Maxwell
Jane Maxwell
Steep hike up. Beautiful view of the range from the summit. The wash was my favorite area to see. Appropriately named mountain.

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