Difficulty Easy
Elevation gain 1,207 M


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Photos of Green Mountain, New York

Green Mountain sits just north of Giant Mountain in the Giant Mountain Wilderness. Green is the 48th highest peak in the Adirondack Park and misses being a 4000 footer by only 20’. So if the mountains keep pushing up a few centimeters a year, it might make it in the next couple generations.
The most popular route up Green is using the south slopes near the Giant Lean-to. This route will have you following the North Trail to Giant Mountain before starting a 0.5 mile bushwhack to the wooded summit. The summit offers little to no views, but the steep slopes open up vista toward Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge. The North Trail offers great rewards as you hike through it’s open woods.


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Coordinates 44.182163 -73.71445

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Alex C
Michael Gray
Enjoy the nature
Robert Peterson
Brian Lawson
I have lot of funny there.
Tiana Coster
Very good place. I recommand this place.

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