Difficulty Easy
Distance 4 KM
Elevation gain 260 M


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Photos of Mount Defiance, New York

Mount Defiance is an 853 ft (260 m) high hill on the New York side of Lake Champlain, in the northeastern United States. It is notable in that the hill militarily dominates both Fort Ticonderoga and Mount Independence, but it was deemed inaccessible so never fortified. Mount Defiance was previously known as Sugar Loaf.
In the 1777 Siege of Fort Ticonderoga, the British army succeeded in positioning artillery on Mount Defiance, causing the Americans to withdraw from both forts without a fight.
Mount Defiance is located at 43°49′53″N 73°24′24″W, in the town of Ticonderoga in southeastern Essex County.


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Coordinates 43.8314 -73.406606

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Alex C
François Dumaine
Jennifer Anderson
Very good place. I recommand this place.
Lydia Crawford
Pretty cool place.You will love for sure! :-)
Michael Gray

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