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And if nature could bring you as much as us!

What is your favorite activity?

The outdoors is more than a hobby where a fashionable trend is a way to return to our true nature. Being in touch with nature means giving yourself the opportunity to simplify your life in order to review your priorities. The outdoors is a way of life, simply.

At Let's go play Outside we are convinced that real life is out. That's why our team is working to make it easy for you to find new playgrounds near you. We know that humans are at their best when they do outdoor activities and are transported to this state of play, playing with the elements in their environment.

For millennia, the human has evolved by feeding on nature, exploring it and refining its knowledge about it. Despite the comfort of our modern lives, many humans suffer and still seek their way.

And more than ever today, people who have experienced hardships return to nature and find inspiration to make sense of it.

Our species is the product of millions of accidents and combinations of accidents. The body needs to move in order to blossom. It is through the passing of our limits, our exits from comfort zones and our spirit of outdoor adventure that humans have managed to climb to the top of the food chain. The movement is inscribed in our cells as a condition of survival.

Let yourself be inspired!

The weather stops you like that?

The weather stops you like that?

each of your windows and your home page is the media weather page, chances are you don't get out often.Petite natureToo hot, too cold, too rainy and too windy, that's the climate we have. One day you get sunbaked, the next day you have to take out the shovel! If Quebec were a part of the body, there is a good chance that it would constitute all of our emotions! But you know what? I think it's part of the fun to be outdoors, you never know what's in store for you, this little unknown va...

2 years ago
We are all Guy Lafleur

We are all Guy Lafleur

to watch the hockey game on Saturday night...There was screaming and screaming in every corner of the house to encourage the flannel soldiers. It was so intense that you were afraid of police officers coming in and taking your father away for disturbing the peace.Even if in your memory it made you smile that we shouted at each other to express our happiness, you remember especially that this hubbub of adults intimidated you a little.Often you would rather watch the snow fall outside, with your e...

2 years ago

The outdoors has a lot to offer you!

The world is vast. The more the outdoors lover invests in his sport, the more he is convinced of it. However, there is also a moment when he finds that the world is small, because the more he travels to discover new landscapes, the more he meets people who share his passion.

The outdoors is not only a way of life that we share with some friends, it is the way of the future of our evolution as a species. One day, when all humans will have the priority to live in harmony with nature, we will finally have the opportunity to live in a better world.

At Let's Go Outside, we will carry out our mission to give you the tools to live outdoor experiences that will make you grow. And every time we see you grow, we will also feel like we can grow a little.