Sentier Des Roches Statistics


167 KM

Elevation gain

2,984 meters

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Why choose a trail at Sentier Des Roches?

The trail was born in 1910 and was dug into the rock by about 40 volunteers from the Club Vosgien de la Vallée de Munster in Alsace.

This Vosges hike is without a doubt one of the most beautiful hikes in the country! It is very suitable for all lovers of wide open spaces starting from Strasbourg.

It is a 1h40 walk on a narrow path, sometimes on the edge of a steep slope, sometimes on a metal footbridge, sometimes through gravel.

From the Vosges hike, you can enjoy several panoramic views. The nature of the route is simply extraordinary: fir trees growing in the middle of the moraine, exposing the Münster valley below, streams cascading down, platforms carved into the granite...

The easily accessible rocky trail attracts 45,000 hikers each year. Up to 1200 per day in summer.

Access price:

The prices for the Vosges Rocks Trail are as follows:

Ridge Shuttle Ticket:

Individual day pass : 7€

Fare to take the ridge shuttle:

●     Price for adults: 14€,

●     Price for children up to 18 years old : 12€

Please note that the Rocks Trail is closed during the winter to avoid any danger and risk.

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What are the hiking trails at Sentier Des Roches ?

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    24 km
    1250 m

Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 0.00
Open 24 hours every day
48.059604 7.024764

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(518) 381-4700

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Starting Point

From Cornimont, turn left onto Rue des Grands Meix and then go straight down Route du Faing until you reach Quai des Iranees. Take the first exit at the traffic circle and go straight on to the Col de Schlucht. Turn right and then turn right again to the Col du Schlucht parking lot.

Why visit Sentier Des Roches

●     Col de la Schlucht - Frankenthal :

The path is marked with a blue rectangle. It starts slowly, then moves forward, usually on a ledge. It requires a lot of attention and caution.

The trail itself is 2.2 kilometers from Krappenfels and can also be covered in 30 or 40 minutes. But it is well worth it, as every step guarantees awe!

At Krappenfels, the rocky part ends: so follow the "blue rectangle".

●    Frankenthal - Falimont pass :

After enjoying the view of the Marcairie du Frankenthal and catching your breath, follow the trail marked with the red triangle to the Schaeferthal and continue your hike in the Vosges.

Higher up, you can make a detour to the Dagobert cave. A nice almost flat path led us to the thatched field of the Schaeferthal farm.

Continue to the pass of the same name, which we leave immediately (it goes up to the Hohneck).

Then go straight on the "red rectangle" itinerary, which takes you to the Falimont pass by the very beautiful Sentier des Couloirs.

●     Col de Falimont to the Col de la Schlucht :

After a slight climb (Haut de Falimont), there is only descent, For this you just have to follow the GR5, marked with a red rectangle, which brings us back to the Col de la Schlucht.

Things not to be missed

If you're looking for a special and unique shelter that's at one with nature, we've done the research and listed the best unusual shelters out there.

Where to sleep? - Our favorites

●     Treehouse :

At 26 min from the Vosges Rocks trails, this wonderful treehouse can accommodate 2 people. Perched in the trees, you will undoubtedly know the true definition of calm and relaxation!

Note that the cabin is very well equipped to spend your stay.

●     Tipi du domaine des lupins :

If you don't want to spend your time on the road looking for accommodations, know that the Tipi at Domaine des Lupins is just 14 minutes from the Vosges Rocks Trail.

Perfect for 2 people, this tepee is very well equipped. However, don't forget to bring your linen!

If you want to spend an unusual experience in a place " cut off from the world ", go ahead

Where to eat?

Below are the best restaurants we could find not far from the trail la roche.

●     The Hohneck Summit Restaurant :

After a very steep rocky trail and a rather violent ascent of the Hohneck, you can relax in the Hohneck Summit Restaurant. It has a nice terrace.

On the menu, there are typical dishes: quiche lorraine, fish trout, sauerkraut, toast, bacon omelet, tofaille, blueberry pie...

Of course, there are all the drinks that will refresh you, even if Elsass Cola replaces the Traditional Coca-Cola.

●    Assembly table

It's also a restaurant open year-round, without interruption. Here, the pleasure of the eyes meets that of the taste buds.

At once a country of mountains, forests, plains and water, the Vosges are full of culinary specialties.

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What is the elevation of Sentier Des Roches?

2984.00 M

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