Meet Lydiane, Autour du monde

François meets globetrotter Lydiane St-Onge, who generously shares with us some of the highlights of her extraordinary adventures. Its contagious energy will make you want to get up in a hurry and find an adventure that matches your aspirations! Warning! Warning! Listening to this video is likely to turn any patato couch into Indiana Jones!

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Who is Lydiane St-Onge?

For Lydiane, movement is a privileged way to express her truth. Since she was old enough to walk, she has never stopped exploring the world in search of new playgrounds. She says it by her own admission: "It is impossible for me to spend more than three days without moving, otherwise I feel like I'm going crazy! ». Sport therefore seemed to him to be the healthiest and most natural way to invest his energy.

It has now been more than three years since Lydiane decided to tackle the security of a profitable professional situation to travel the world and live her dreams. An outdoor enthusiast, both at ease in the heights of the world and in its depths, she conveys her passion through fascinating stories about social media. Quickly forced to realize that these adventures inspired people by giving them a desire for adventure, she now shares on several platforms; ( TV, Facebook, Instagram, blog, conferences) her tricks, hints and anecdotes that allowed her to help people connect in them. His advice for those who think that sport is not for them: "The secret is to find an activity that looks like you, that you like and that will make movement something pleasant for you. For me, pushing the limits of my body by being in nature is the best way to live the present moment to the full. Lydiane is the living proof of this, putting the body into action allows us to approach our full potential.

You can follow it in several ways. She also has a book that shares her adventures.