CANYON SAINTE-ANNE - Randonnée Pédestre

CANYON SAINTE-ANNE - Randonnée pédestre

Québec, capitale nationale, Québec


Difficulté Easy
Distance 3 KM
Animal Chien autorisé


Randonnée pédestre


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47.0730438 -70.8774277

Informations de contact

(518) 381-4700

Note et commentaires

Wayne Karim
Wayne Karim
Great scenery.
William Patten
William Patten
Excellent sights and option to do sporty things like rock climbing and zip lining. Very peaceful and serene and not crowded. Well maintained and clean
Ronald J. Johnson
Ronald J. Johnson
Beautiful place! The falls are at a 10 minutes walk from the parking lot, it's an easy walk even for those with limited mobility. There are a few "wild animals " statues and playgrounds for kids, a few activities for the grownups, including climbing on the rocks of the falls. Sunny-shady hiking trails to avoid overheating in a hot summer day. At the entrance there is a souvenir shop. All-in-one it is a great place to visit, spend some quality time with the family and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Valerie Barrett
Valerie Barrett
Wow one of the best places around Quebec. It's Good place to take your kids. Mesmerizing beauty of the falls and am amazing short trip. If you like adventures then you should trip the zip line (not zip car) and if you wish you spend more time then the down the falls trek work zip line is the best you can ask. I got an instructor for zip line named "SABESTIAN" HE WAS SIMPLY AWESOME ask for him.
Mary Frazier
Mary Frazier
It's fun for 2 hours. 1.4km walk. I have been a half dozen times. Recently done with an infant (10 m old) in a carrier no problem. I've done the zip line and it's fun. There is also a new attraction that mechanically zips you through at 15$ but didn't try it. Looks fun

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