PARC LA FONTAINE - Randonnée Pédestre

PARC LA FONTAINE - Randonnée pédestre

Montréal, Québec


Difficulté Easy
Distance 10 KM
Animal Chien autorisé


Randonnée pédestre


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Tarif Free
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45.5270784 -73.5692815

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Note et commentaires

Jamal Fiedler
Jamal Fiedler
I saw pictures of the park from fall and it they looked breathtaking. Maybe its the time of the year that makes the difference. I took the metro to the place and the experience was ok. Its end of August and there was a light drizzle. The water was calm but the weed cleaning going wasnt helping with the serenity. I wanted to use the bathroom and took a long walk to the back only to find it closed. Its a great place for some quiet time or to read a book. Needs more visits for a balanced review though.
Joanna Fields
Joanna Fields
Absolutely great experience! Definitely a perfect place to hang out with family or friends during a nice day. There is a lot of green space and a mix of sunny and shaded areas depending on what you feel like. Great spot for a picnic, outdoor games, and a little day drinking :)
Karena Burkhard
Karena Burkhard
The place I called a second home for me. Such a wonderful park in the middle of the city to run, play sports, just hang out with friends and relax. I love this place :)
Ronald J. Johnson
Ronald J. Johnson
It's one of my favorite parks. Its large but isn't full of fields for sports.. People come for picnics and for bike riding or running. It's a very chill park.. Also there are hawks there if you like bird watching.
Boris Gau
Boris Gau
It's gorgeous!!! I loved this park! Definitely a perfect place To have a picnic, to enjoy doing nothing , outdoor games or whatever you want! I am sure that is a wonderful place to go in Montreal! Lots of green and shaded spaces and a lake! What a wonderful surprise!!!!

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