Algonquin Peak, New York - Randonnée Pedestre

Algonquin Peak, New York - Randonnée pedestre

New York, United States


Difficulté Hard
Distance 13 KM
Dénivelé / Gain d'altitude 1,559 M


Randonnée pedestre

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44.1436635 -73.9865357

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Michaele Jones
Michaele Jones
Second highest peak in NY. Doesn't get as much attention as the highest (nearby Mt. Marcy), but a fantastic hike with beautiful views. Highly recommend hiking up to the summit, down the "back" side to Avalanche Lake, and around for a great day hike.
Hellen Moir
Hellen Moir
An amazing 14mi hike loop. I recommend.
Carolin Murphy
Carolin Murphy
Worth the long hike. The top is steep and can be slippery. You might need to "butt slide" on the way down, so wear long sturdy pants. The view is amazing. Leave from the ADK HPIC.
Tiana Coster
Tiana Coster
Bruh I got algonquined and sprained my ankle like right before the camp site and Chris (you know who you are) carried me there. Legend. Also lots of rocks so wear high tops or ankle support and watch out for Meow (like a cat) he can pop up at random times. Also don’t order from the hungry hiker (bad) and this was my camp hike 2019 so good stuff. All around good time and Wright peak is for weaklings Yeaaaaaaaboyyyyyy
Scott Peacock
Scott Peacock
Beautiful peak with a steep ascent. Heavily trafficked trail. Mountain Steward was very friendly. May be a difficult hike for some.

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