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Affectionately called " the Mountain ", Mount Royal Park is a place of exceptional beauty blending urban ambiance and natural scenery. This beautiful mountain in the heart of Montreal is simply the perfect setting to go cross-country skiing without leaving the city. So, are you wondering why you should cross-country ski at Mount Royal Park ?

Why cross-country skiing in Montreal's Mount Royal Park ?

The sublime city of Montreal has the distinction of offering its residents and visitors several places to cross-country ski. But, when winter arrives, the best place to go cross-country skiing in Quebec is undoubtedly Mount Royal Park.

Indeed, Mount Royal Park offers a used slope to practice with family, friends, couples or even alone cross-country skiing. The developed cross-country ski trails are perfectly suited for beginners but also for skiers used to intermediate levels. Note that you can come to the park without any equipment. You will find ski equipment for rent on the premises.

The trail is about 8 km long and gives you the opportunity to practice several cross-country skiing techniques depending on the level of difficulty. Thus, you can practice the alternative step (easy for 0.7 km and difficult for 5.5 km), the skate step (difficult for 2.5 km) or snowshoeing (difficult for 3 km).

In addition, cross-country skiing in Montreal's Mount Royal Park will be an opportunity to get an unprecedented view of the city's most beautiful attractions. Even better, the park is home to several places of interest including the Camillien-Houde Lookout, Beaver Lake, the Mount Royal Chalet, Smith House...

Finally, note that the ski trails are meticulously maintained by Les Amis de la Montagne. In fact, they offer cross-country skiing lessons for beginners on Mount Royal Park. Everything is done to help you the most beautiful winter sports experience in Montreal.

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Starting Point

It should be noted that the cross-country ski trails in Mount Royal Park offer two possible starting points. Thus, you will be able to start your cross-country skiing from Beaver Lake or Smith House. Along the way, you will alternately encounter wooded scenery and open landscapes... but also and above all several attractions.

Why visit Mont Royal

You will certainly have understood... cross-country skiing is not the only attractive activity in Mount Royal Park. Indeed, this green hub located in the middle of the city allows you to see several exceptional places while doing your cross-country skiing.

First, we really recommend exploring the top of the mountain to enjoy a breathtaking view of Montreal. You'll be able to see the Museum of Fine Arts and the majestic Notre Dame de Montréal Basilica in the distance.

Then, contemplate without moderation the monument dedicated to Sir George-Etienne Cartier, the Camillien-Houde and Kondiaronk Belvederes.

In addition, you should not miss the Mount Royal chalet, the Beaver Lake and the Smith House.

Finally, stop by the Café des Amis for a pleasant and tasty gourmet break after your cross-country skiing.

Things not to be missed

Mount Royal Park and its surroundings offers various possibilities for sleeping. You will thus have the choice between camping, lodges, inns or even cottages. Everything will depend on your purse and your nature desires.

Our favorites

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The Plateau Mont-Royal B&B.

The Artist's Refuge

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Where to eat

After a long time of winter sports, it is always good to enjoy a gourmet break. To do this, you can put first on your list the Café des Amis, a restaurant present at three locations in Mount Royal Park. Then, you can also stop by the Maison Boulud. Finally, if you're a die-hard Asian foodie, stop by Lan Zhou Noodles.

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