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Vallée Bras-du-nord, Coop De Solidarité - Hiking

Quebec City, National Capital, Quebec, Canada



87 KM

What are the activities on site?


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Only 45 minutes from the main Quebec city through an unnamed valley in the Portneuf region resides the VALLÉE BRAS-DU-NORD, COOP DE SOLIDARITÉ. The unforgettable  outdoor destination for tourists VallĂ©e Bras-du-Nord offers you 80 km of snowshoeing and hiking, 100 km of single-track mountain biking trails and a 17.5 km of river descents. S if you are an adventurous person and want to be attracted by the nature along with outdoor sports, pick up this place for a better holiday.

Not only hiking, snowshoeing, mountain bike trails are available, but also you get trails for canoeing, fat bike, off-piste skiing and via ferrata. This territory is a all-in-one package for you if you want to go for tours no matter you are a beginner or a seasoned player.

For outdoor and adventure therapies, the Bras-du-Nord affords you rappelling, ziplining, recreational kayaking along with rustic cabins and cottage. Other available activities are canoe-camping, hiking, geocatching, off-trail skiing or telemark etc.

Hiking trails are throughout all year in this Bras-du-Nord Valley but wilderness skiing, fat biking or snowshoeing can only be done in the winter season. In the summer, spring or fall, you can kayak down Bras-du-Nord-River or can go for the canoeing, horseback riding or mountain biking.

The speciality of this place is broadleaved, coniferous forestwz an mixedwood along with different forest ecosystems. The large wildlife containing moose, coyote, wolf, bear and a lot of small mammals will surely astound you. If you are a person who loves bird than you are on the right track because here you get Birds of Prey.

This place is not only for trails but nature amazed you with waterfalls, falls cliff and caps that are shaped by the ice. The reception pavilion and numerous interpretation panels will be there for your convenience.

The breathtaking waterfall Delaney which is of 150 m high will make the tourists thrilled with its magic. People who are tired of watching town lives can enjoy the remarkable diversity of agricultural and natural landscaped between Laurentian plateaus and St  Lawrence Valley.

The trails are a little tough for the beginners but you will get used to it. Level of falling down are only not much but you have to be careful. Experienced sportsmen will find enthusiasm in the place. We will rate this place for outdoor entertainment in 4 stars out of 5 stars.

What are the services on site?

Parking Reception Toilet Belvedere Refuge Lodging Shuttle Yurt Rental center Picnic table Bridge

What are the best trails at Vallée Bras-du-nord, Coop De Solidarité ?

  • Trails
  • Sentier du Petit bûcher
    2 km
  • Sentier le Laissez-passer
    0.5 km
  • Sentier le Raccourci
    0.2 km
  • Sentier Bras-du-Nord (de l'accueil Shannahan au belvédère de la Yourte Delaney)
    6.6 km
    200 m
  • Sentier Bras-du-Nord (de l'accueil Shannahan à la Chute Delaney)
    4 km
    20 m
  • Sentier Delaney
    3.5 km
    250 m
  • Sentier le Passage secret
    0.3 km

Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 8.50 / $ 5.00 (Child)

46.9005 -71.8207

What are the coordinates and address of Vallée Bras-du-nord, Coop De Solidarité?

Vallée Bras-du-nord, Coop De Solidarité, Québec
1-800 321-4992
Vallée Bras-du-Nord, coop de solidarité 107 Grande Ligne St-Raymond, QC G3L 2Y4

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What is the entry fee?

8.50 $

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