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The Guided Tour page is an information resource to help you know what to find on the website. The page is divided into four sections: Find Trail, Discover Map, Quick Search and Blog, covering the major sections of the website. Dig in and in case you need any more information, please email us at moc.edistuoyalpogstelzsp@ofni

find Trails

Finding a trail can either be a challenging experience or a wonderful adventure. With Let’s Go Play Outside, you have access to the largest directory of trails all across the world.We make it easy for you to plan your next adventure right from the comfort of your home.Simply key in a description of what you are looking for and we’ll do the rest!

It has never been so easy to find trails near you. You just have to :

  1. Enter the search location
  2. Select the desired activity
  3. Consult your results

Discover map

The Discovery Map is an excellent way to discover trails and other outdoor activities based on a geographical location. For instance, you can pick a state in the United States and use the Discover Map to see what outdoor activities are available in that state. This makes it easy for you to add these activities to your itinerary and avoid planning for activities that may not be possible in the area you are visiting.

Very simple!

  1. Enter your location or drag the map
  2. Change the desired activities using the check boxes
  3. Click on the icons marker to see more information.
  4. You just have to consult and find your next adventure.


Our Blog is a treasure mine of information for the outdoor enthusiast. From tips and ideas for your next adventure to product reviews and survival basics, we offer you a comprehensive information package to make you a better outdoor adventurer.

Our blog contains many articles on several topics. Come visit it regularly. We add new items every week. Do not hesitate to share your adventures or topics for our next articles. We like to read you.