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Mont Yamaska - Hiking

Montérégie, Quebec, Canada

Mont Yamaska Statistics




2 KM

Estimated Time



418 meters

Elevation gain

261 meters

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Why choose a trail at Mont Yamaska?

Most of the mountain is private. Get an access authorization.

Access to the mountain via Les petits cailloux winery

You can have access to the mountain with their Experience package.

You can contact them for more information or visit their website Experience.

Private land leading to the summit

The trail consists of a paved road (private) that leads to the top of the mountain. At the big junction, if you turn right, you will reach a small lake (St-Pie aqueduct). At the top of Mount Yamaska, turn left and follow the signs to the antenna at the top. The road becomes more bumpy and climbs to the top.

The view at the top is magnificent, breathtaking for such a small mountain. If the weather is good, you will probably meet people paragliding or gliding. The trail itself is non-existent, it's more like a road that crosses maple groves and private land. It's a blast at the top! Very nice view on the surroundings.

Mount Yamaska was formed about 125 million years ago during an underwater eruption of magma. This magma did not penetrate the surface of the earth and has a deep fig. The hill appeared during the erosion by glaciers of the surrounding sedimentary rocks, more fragile than the metamorphic rock formed by the contact of magma and sedimentary rock.

Located in Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford

Mount Yamaska is a 410 meter high mountain located in Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford. It is geologically one of the nine Monteregian Hills in southern Quebec.

The ecosystem of Mount Yamaska is abundant and diverse. It serves as a sanctuary for many plants and animals, some twenty of which are threatened with extinction. On the other hand, this forest massif is private and is shared by about 200 owners. We are maple syrup producers, forest farmers, nature lovers, etc., and they want to enjoy the wealth they have in their homes.

The "Protection and Sustainable Development of Mount Yamaska" initiative aims to raise awareness of the mountain and, on sites of great natural value, to help the owners concerned to improve their property while protecting the environment and its wildlife.

What are the services on site?

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From sunrise to sunset


What are the coordinates and address of Mont Yamaska?

Vignoble Les Petits Cailloux
625, rang de la Montagne, Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford

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Maria Byron

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I love this place in winter. :-)

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I have lot of funny there.

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Superbe balade

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Gorgeous! :)

Starting Point

The only authorized access is via the vineyard Les Petit Cailloux, at 625, rang de la Montagne, Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford.

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What is the elevation of Mont Yamaska?

261.00 M

What is the height of Mont Yamaska ?

418.00 M

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