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Ambassadors Team


Let's Go Play Outside is represented by a group of wonderful and passionate people.

LGPO Ambassadors are humans who connect completely with their intrinsic passion.

They are courageous, adventurous, connected and continuously linked to nature. They are kind, curious and have a big heart.

They inspire us to find beauty in life and to reconnect daily to the madness of the world.

They share their passion with us on social networks.

They embody the phrase "We are passionates".

Learn more about the amazing people who represent LGPO and spread our mission around the world.

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Our ambassador team

  • François Dumaine Picture

    François Dumaine

    Happy Life Player, Québec, Canada

  • Martin Collins Picture

    Martin Collins

    , Québec, Canada

  • Annie Guilbert Picture

    Annie Guilbert

    Smilly Hiker, Québec, Canada

  • Mélissa Normandin Roberge Picture

    Mélissa Normandin Roberge

    Shiny hiker, Québec, Canada

  • Annie Dumaine Picture

    Annie Dumaine

    Best sister of the world, Québec, Canada

  • Annabelle Richard Picture

    Annabelle Richard

    :-), Québec, Canada

  • Marie-Eve Pelland Picture

    Marie-Eve Pelland

    :-), Québec, Canada

  • Maryse Gélinas Picture

    Maryse Gélinas

    Happy runner, Québec, Canada

  • Marie-Eve Boutin Picture

    Marie-Eve Boutin

    :-), Québec, Canada

  • Melissande Dextras Picture

    Melissande Dextras

    :-), Québec, Canada

  • Quelly Wessings Picture

    Quelly Wessings


  • Pascale Noiseux Picture

    Pascale Noiseux


  • Caroline Côté Picture

    Caroline Côté


  • Valérie Bilodeau Picture

    Valérie Bilodeau


  • Zoe Bottcher Picture

    Zoe Bottcher


  • Laurance Dontigny Picture

    Laurance Dontigny


  • Nicki Sutherland Picture

    Nicki Sutherland


  • Stéfanie Marois Picture

    Stéfanie Marois


  • Marie-Eve Dupont Lessard Picture

    Marie-Eve Dupont Lessard


  • Véronique Tessier Picture

    Véronique Tessier


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