Parc National Des Hautes-Gorges-De-La-Rivière-Malbaie - Hiking

Parc National Des Hautes-gorges-de-la-rivière-malbaie - Hiking

Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada

Parc National Des Hautes-gorges-de-la-rivière-malbaie Statistics




11 KM


1,048 meters

Elevation gain

800 meters

Dog allowed

Child friendly

What are the activities at Parc National Des Hautes-gorges-de-la-rivière-malbaie ?


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Why choose a trail at Parc National Des Hautes-gorges-de-la-rivière-malbaie?

This park, with an area of nearly 224.7 km², was so named because of its valleys located between high mountains whose summits can reach over 1000 m. Malbaie River winds through the territory covered almost all forested areas of Quebec, maple-alpine tundra through deciduous forests, boreal and mixed. The Acropolis Draveurs leads to the highest peak in the Park, at an altitude of 1048 m. The trail Érablière, true to its name, crosses a sugar elms and ash trees of America, unusual stands in the boreal. Marten is the emblem of the park. We can spot caribou and mink and two rare species, the bald eagle and the golden eagle

What are the services on site?

Interpretation Center
Picnic table
Rustic camping

What are the hiking trails at Parc National Des Hautes-gorges-de-la-rivière-malbaie ?

  • Trails
  • L'Érablière
    2.5 km
    35 m
  • La Chute-du-Ruisseau-blanc
    0.5 km
    78 m
  • Le Pied-des-Sommets
    0.5 km
    60 m
  • Le Belvédère
    0.4 km
    55 m
  • Les Rapides
    7.6 km
    20 m
  • Le Riverain
    10.6 km
    170 m
  • L'Acropole des Draveurs
    5.6 km
    800 m

Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 8.50

From sunrise to sunset

47.8538567 -70.4266948

What are the coordinates and address of Parc National Des Hautes-gorges-de-la-rivière-malbaie?

Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie
(800) 665-6527
25 Boulevard Notre Dame, Clermont, QC G4A 1C2, Canada

What are the comments and evaluations from the community?

John Shaw
John Shaw
Stunning park with amazing views - we arrived on a Sunday at the end of September and the crowds were huge. Only those camping within the park are permitted to drive in (on weekends in the autumn, not sure about summer) all others must take the shuttle buses. We chose to do some smaller trails and return the following day to tackle the Acropole des Draveurs, and were glad to hike with a smaller crowd. We took our time and visited all three peaks, the whole thing took 6 hours and totally worth it. Highly recommended!
4 years ago
Anna Lopez
Anna Lopez
Amazing place. 2K/5K/10K trek available. Place turns into a colour palette in Falls.
4 years ago

Why visit Parc National Des Hautes-gorges-de-la-rivière-malbaie

- The Acropole des draveurs crosses the Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park, which makes it accessible from the village of Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs, in the Charlevoix tourist region. You have to take road 138 towards this village, and let yourself be guided by the indications and the numerous signs of the park.

- Once in the park, and due to the COVID 19 pandemic, no shuttle service will be available.

Therefore, you will be told where to go when you arrive. If you are staying during a less busy period, you can certainly go immediately in front of the Pin-Blanc campground, which is the trailhead. Alternatively, it is quite possible that you will be parked further away from the trail, in which case you will need to allow for a slightly longer distance from the outset for your journey. To stay informed about these potential contingencies, the High Gorges National Park website can provide more details.

Things not to be missed

Thanks to the presence of the Malbaie River through the park, various water activities available, such as kayaking, canoeing, or rabaska! What a great way to go on an adventure in an aquatic environment this time!

- In winter, many other more adapted activities are also available.

Among them is ice climbing, for experienced climbers who want to get to know the park's walls better, such as the Pomme d'Or, which is one of the most perilous. It is also possible to skate on the lake, which is then frozen, right on the Malbaie River!

Where to sleep?

The territory being protected, the camping sites are well defined. This does not

does not mean that your experience will be reduced! Yes, there are many options available to you in terms of lodging and camping. There are more than 20 ready-to-camp sites, as well as several lodges and inns.

You will find a dozen chalets in the Cran des Erables sector,

accessible at all times and very immersive. The windows are large and these cottages have been designed to allow a good view for visitors.

Otherwise, three campgrounds are available: Cran, Pin Blanc, and Equerre.

the Equerre. Each of them has different characteristics, from the most rustic to the best equipped. It's up to you to see what dimension you want to bring to your stay!

Our favorites

The Inn Relais des Hautes Gorges

Located in Saint-Aimé-des-lacs, the Relais des Hautes Gorges Inn is built on a vast domain with ponds. Right between the mountains and the forests of the park, the location of this inn promises you a rustic accommodation. You can count on the Relais des Hautes Gorges Inn if you are looking for something classic, comfortable, and quiet.

330 rue Principale, Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs, Charlevoix


[email protected]

Camping du Pin Blanc

Not far from the Acropole des draveurs trail, the Pin Blanc campground offers 21 individual sites, 5 ready-to-camp sites, as well as a group site on the banks of the Malbaie River. This is an ideal option for more immersion in the park and all that it contains.

418 439-1227

[email protected]

Chalets du Plateau des Hautes-Gorges

We highly recommend the Chalets du Plateau des Hautes-Gorges for a quality experience. Available in different sizes, accommodating from 4 to 8 people, the chalets are in the middle of nature. They are therefore intimate, and it is in this way that they provide a feeling of freedom.

295 Main Street Saint-Aimé-des-lacs


[email protected]

Where to eat?

- Fourchette et Vinaigrette : 5 rue Principale, Saint Aimé Des Lacs, 418-617-9262

- La Maison du Bootlegger : 110 Rang du Ruisseau des Frenes La Malbaie, 418-439-3711

Let’s Answer Your Questions - FAQ

What is the level of difficulty of Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie ?


What is the elevation of Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie?

800.00 M

What is the height of Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie ?

1048.00 M

Are dogs allowed?


Is the place are families friendly?


What is the entry fee?

8.50 $

Is there an information center / service center / reception?


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