Sentiers Pédestres Les Éboulements - Sentiers Pédestres Les Éboulements

Sentiers Pédestres Les Éboulements - Hiking

Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada

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8 KM

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To the southwest, a minor trail follows Chemin de North Derby, and terminates right across the border from North Derby. Another trail starts in North Derby and reaches [[Newport (city), Vermont|Newport]], but one must clear U.S. customs at either [[Quebec Route 247|Route 247]] or [[Quebec Route 143|Route 143]] in order to access it. To the southeast, another gravel trail takes cyclists to Stanstead and Stanstead Plain, ending at Rue Maple. To the north, access to other trails is difficult, and is done by Routes [[Quebec Route 208|208]], 143, Chemin du Lac, Chemin de Hatley, Chemin de Hatley Centre, Chemin Massawippi and Rue Main to reach [[Sentier Massawippi]], connecting [[North Hatley, Quebec|North Hatley]] to the [[Lennoxville]] borough of [[Sherbrooke]]. Route 143 remains dangerous as it has no paved shoulder, and its maximum speed is 90 km/h. The other option is to reach Magog via [[Quebec Route 141|Route 141]], Chemin Benoit, and [[Quebec Route 108|Route 108]].

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Sentier Louis-Charles Audet
(418) 489-2988
Les Éboulements, QC G0A 2M0, Canada

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