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Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada

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16 KM

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Why choose a trail at Wood Bison Trail?

The Wood Bison Trail is a 15.9 kilometer track located in Alberta, Canada. We can do a lot of activity by choosing this track. And unlike other trails in Canada, Wood Bison can be visited at any season of the year. You can take your dog with you during the hike, but it must be kept on a leash so as not to disturb other hikers.

Discover the Wood Bison

With the different landscapes that can be found, the Wood Bison Trail offers a multitude of fauna and flora. Forest, lakes, birds, bison, deer, etc. You can see and learn to appreciate nature. However, to avoid being sick when you return home, it would be better to wear a tanning product. Indeed, in this region, the heat is at its high point during the summer.

Visiting the Wood Bison can be done with family or solo, or even as a couple. And that would be the ideal. During your hikes, you can take a break from time to time to take pictures, or simply to relax on the edge of Lake Astotin. What more can nature asks for, no!
During this trip, you will be able to admire the largest mammal of North America, the wood bison. This is the name of this track. But, before taking your legs with you, do not forget to take a picture. Protect yourself by staying far away, especially if they are in a group. Besides this buffalo, small animals also have their place on this trail, such as elk, deer, and other small mammals. This is what will please most children. 

Overview of the Wood Bison Trail

Located just off Edmonton, this track can be traveled in 4 to 5 hours. This duration was calculated on the ability of an experienced hiker. So, if you are a beginner, you may end up on 6 or 7 hours.

The Wood Bison Trail is very easy because it is often on flat terrain, ending on the edge of Flying Shot Lake. The latter is located south of the park.

To get to this Wood Bison track, follow Yellow head. Indeed, this trail is just 45 minutes from Elk Island National Park.

Wood Buffalo Trail

The Wood Bison Trail is the perfect place to contemplate the remaining 7,000 bison in Canada. They have taken up residence there since 1963. In fact, these animals are also beginning to disappear. It's a good time to watch them. They usually live along this path. 
For starters, you will go through a forest and finish at Flying shot Lake. The ridges of the trail allow admiring the landscape.

This track is fairly flat, and runs around the Flying Shot Lake. During the hike, you may encounter a herd of Plains Bison, such as Moose, Elk and Whitetail Deer. All these wild animals have their place on this trail. So stay cool, and if you come across some on your way, let them go. If you take a picture of them, it is better to use the lens to avoid overcoming these monsters. Generally, they are calm, as long as they are not provoked. Apart from this bison, you will see several types of migratory birds. They like to land around the lake.

If you are a fan of photography, it will be advisable to increase the time you spend on this trail. Indeed, you will fill up with wildlife, taking pictures of animals and appreciation of life in the forest. It's unimaginable.

Whatever time you want to go hiking, bring a bottle of water, a hat and snacks is mandatory. This to avoid accidents. However, since any route often passes through the forest, you can spray insect repellent to prevent mosquito bites.

Whatever path you follow, it is the landscape and the view that you will discover which is the most important during a hike. It is necessary to try to devote the maximum of one's time and not to hurry. Indeed, many hikers just have the habit of walking, to quickly finish the journey and start another. And that's a fundamental mistake. Because nature offers us many beautiful things to enjoy, and it will not last longer given the current climate change. So, do not hesitate! Leave your office to change a little and de-stress quickly with the help of nature.

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