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2,850 meters

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Mount Paulus (72°37′S 31°0′E) is a mountain, 2,420 m, close south of Mount Rossel in the southwest part of the Belgica Mountains. Discovered by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1957–58, under G. de Gerlache, who named it for Jean-Pierre Paulus, a patron of the expedition. This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Mount Paulus" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).

The Mount Paul is a mountain located in Alberta, Canada. It has an elevation of 2,868 metres (9,406 ft) and is the sixth-highest peak in the province. The mountain is part of the Kananaskis Range and is located within Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

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52.6166666 -117.435

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Mount Paul
Mount Paul, Alberta T0E 0E0, Canada

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Starting Point

The Mount Paul trails are located in the town of Turner Valley, Alberta. To get to the start of the trails, take Highway 22 south from Calgary to the town of Turner Valley. Turn left onto the first street (Main Street), and drive until you reach the end of the street. The trailhead is located at the end of Main Street.

Why visit Mount Paul

The Mount Paul in Alberta is a great place to visit because of its stunning views and natural beauty. The mountain is located in the Rocky Mountains, and it offers visitors amazing views of the surrounding area. The mountain is also a great place for hiking and camping, and it is home to a variety of wildlife.

Is Mount Paul in Alberta a good place for the whole family?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on what each family is looking for in a place to live. Mount Paul is located in the province of Alberta, which is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. This could be a good place for a family that enjoys spending time outdoors. However, there are also other factors to consider, such as the cost of living in the area and the availability of schools and other amenities.

Things not to be missed

Near Mount Paul in Alberta, the best activities include hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing. Some things not to be missed are the beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and the many lakes and rivers in the area.

1. Hiking: There are plenty of hiking trails near Mount Paul that offer beautiful views of the surrounding area.

2. Fishing: The lakes and rivers near Mount Paul are great for fishing.

3. Camping: There are several campsites near Mount Paul that offer a great camping experience.

4. Biking: There are many great biking trails near Mount Paul that offer beautiful scenery.

5. Horseback Riding: There are several horseback riding trails near Mount Paul that offer a great experience.

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What is the elevation of Mount Paul?

2850.00 M

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