Mont Pinacle - Parc Harold F. Baldwin - Mont Pinacle

Mont Pinacle - Hiking

Cantons-de-l'Est, Quebec, Canada

Mont Pinacle Statistics




4 KM


665 meters

Elevation gain

296 meters

Dog allowed

What are the activities at Mont Pinacle ?


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Why choose a trail at Mont Pinacle?

Harold F. Baldwin Park is a special place! It is known as a great place for hiking. It offers a great view and a great place for any nature lover. Want to know more about this magical place?

The network of hiking trails attracts hikers of all ages who enjoy the magnificent views from the top of the mountain.

A 7 km (round trip) hike takes you to the top of Pinnacle Mountain and provides a breathtaking view of Lyster Lake and the surrounding mountains.

Beautiful views of Lyster Lake can be seen from many rocky headlands. These rocky headlands are not a good place to lose your footing, as they offer a bird's eye view of a towering cliff. This 190-meter cliff is also a favorite of the Fédération québécoise de la montagne et de l'escalade climbing enthusiasts.

Please note that this place is closed from November to May. And that the fee to access it is 6$.

Whether it's about the peregrine falcons nesting on the wall, the basics of rock climbing, the history of the village or the tourist attractions of the region, the guides will welcome you and answer your questions all summer long.

It is closed in winter and the trails are free to access during this period.

What are the services on site?

Picnic table
Accessible for people with reduced mobility

What are the hiking trails at Mont Pinacle - Parc Harold F. Baldwin ?

Trails Distance Difficulty
Sentier de l'Érablière 1.91 km Beginner
Sentier de la Rocheuse 0.55 km Beginner
Sentier du Petit lac 0.26 km Beginner
Sentier Faucon Pèlerin 0.51 km Beginner
Sentier le Grimpeur 1 km Beginner
Sentier Mead 0.5 km Beginner
Mont Pinacle 4.41 km Intermediate

Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 6.00

he trails are open from sunrise to sunset.

Trails are closed in winter.


What are the coordinates and address of Mont Pinacle - Parc Harold F. Baldwin?

1891 Chemin May Baldwin Mills Coaticook QC J1A 2S4 Canada

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Based on 14 reviews

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Ronald J. Johnson

5 out of 5 stars

Easily accessible, this is the place where you leave your car and where you start the trail that takes you to Mont Pinacle summit. No fares required for the parking and the access to the trails.

Boris Gau

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful hike. Easy and family and dog friendly. Amazing views.

Starting Point

Mount Pinnacle is just a few kilometers from the Nature Discovery Park. Hike 3 kilometers to the top of the mountain, the top of the mountain is 675 m (2,215 feet) above sea level, and you can enjoy the spectacular scenery.

There are several options of 2 to 3 km for the return trip.

Other starting point option:

You can park your car at Nature Discovery Park, and follow the Mills Trail to Baldwin Village, then follow the Pinnacle Mountain Trail. From there, it's a 7 km round trip.

Things not to be missed

Hikers can take advantage of a pedestrian network of approximately 8 km. Several trails lead to the summit of Mount Pinnacle. A trail map can be found at several locations in Harold F. Baldwin Park. This is an excellent choice for a short family hike!

Where to stay?

For anyone who wants to try the activities one at a time and finds that one day is not enough, there is a possibility of finding a shelter.

There are large cottages with over 165 feet of sandy shoreline, campgrounds, lodges, inns and plenty of other accommodations that will connect you to nature and are located on the very pretty and clean Lyster Lake in Coaticook.

Our favorites

We are going to present our three favorites right away:

Camping du Lac Lyster is located in the Eastern Townships of Coaticook, and invites you to the center of the green hills on 60 acres, facing Lake Lyster and its majestic Mount Pinnacle.

Chalets near the beach of Lake Lyster in Coaticook. It is a warm and friendly cottage that can accommodate up to 12 people.

Jackalope Loft is one of the best accommodations. It is a private paradise for nature lovers.

Let’s Answer Your Questions - FAQ

What is the level of difficulty of Mont Pinacle - Parc Harold F. Baldwin ?


What is the elevation of Mont Pinacle - Parc Harold F. Baldwin?

296.00 M

What is the height of Mont Pinacle - Parc Harold F. Baldwin ?

665.00 M

What are the opening hours ?

he trails are open from sunrise to sunset.

Trails are closed in winter.

Are dogs allowed?


Is the place are families friendly?


What is the entry fee?

6.00 $

Is there an information center / service center / reception?

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