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Hiking in Quebec

Let`s plan together your future adventure

Adventure in Quebec

Are you a trill seeker or an expert of relaxation? For certain, you will have never-forgettable experience with a great variety of activities and outdoor adventures.

Among the natural beauties is Quebec there are plenty of lush parks and reserves.

For the Hiking-lovers Quebec region suggest kilometres of hiking trails which are open all the time during the year. Crystal-clear lakes all around, walks along rivers, forests rich in biodiversity. The Ever-changing beauty of the nature, diversity of breath taking viewpoints overlooking - Haven’t you start to backpacking yet?

In the city Area in Quebec, those who are adventure addicted or dreamers can visit marvelous waterfalls, some of it with height taller than Niagara Falls. We are talking about the waterfalls at Montmorency Falls Park.

One of the most amazing national parks, Jacques-Cartier, you can visit incredible glacial valleys or hike to the spectacular summits of Sentier des cap, Charlevoix.

Discover some regions

Quebec- must know

While the larger Quebec City space is delimitated by the St. Lawrence River, its history and wonder are legendary. A witness to the first constitution of land by the Europeans, recent Quebec could be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Montmorency Falls in summer or winter, the Plains of Abraham, Ile d’Orléans, Portneuf and Parc DE la Jacques-Cartier. The Québec Winter Carnival could be a must-attend event for families and sweethearts alike. Quebec City abounds with four-season out of doors activities our member outfitters can fain facilitate your discover.

With around 7000 campsites placed out across national parks. There are also reserves for wildlife and center for visitors- Aventure Ecotourisme Quebec.

Do some of these words speak to you- adrenaline, acrobatics, elevation, thrills?  Then come and strive a top journey in Quebec!

Let’s go and play outside just like the Quebecers do

Those who loves the outside activities would share that Quebec City’s best qualities is that it’s near to nature. Various parks and walking and biking ways leads town itself. The four well-defined seasons create the range of colourful sceneries, compose a divine enjoyment all the time of the year.

Enormous kind of out of doors activities may be enjoyed in the area and there is everything for anyone- from casual walkers and hard-core hiking enthusiasts to mountain bike lovers and downhill skiers. Regardless of however active you would like to be or however fit your needs, Québec City’s nice outdoors will merrily make sure of you.


Parc National Diamond State la Jacques-Cartier, a brief 30-minute drive from provincial capital, is one in its kind of the real treasures here. A vale runs through its center and an active stream flows on its bottom. A formidable vary of activities, like hiking on some sixty miles of ways crisscrossing the park, permits you to get pleasure from the gorgeous scenery.


What may well be newer than visiting place and loving its most stunning scenery by bike? Corridor du Littoral permits you to try to to do that. It takes a 30 miles biking path going from the western suburbs to Chutes Montmorency, passing through beautiful Promenade Samuel-de-Champlain.


About 69 covered with snow slopes, there is everything for sky and snowboard lovers. Also there are some well-maintained paths for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. It is over 55 miles2 of playground.

Nature Walking

The scenety here is a range between urban sectors but also  wild wooded areas. There is forest path made of wooden boardwalks especially made for hiking, the rest is for those who prefer cycling