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Whether you're ascending one of the many peaks or enjoying a footpath that parallels the majestic river, there's an excursion that meets your standards. This area is for the purposes of verification and should remain unchanged. Whether you're a lover of walking, cycling or cross-country skiing, you'll find an excursion that meets your needs. There are no results that match your search criteria.

La traversée de Charlevoix

The Traversée de Charlevoix offers a challenging 105 km course for hikers, advanced skiers and expert cyclists. Skiing and hiking takes place over 7 days and the duration for mountain biking is 4 days... The Saint-Irénée / Eboulements area of Charlevoix. The peaks of Les Éboulements are said to have been shaped more than 350 million years ago by an asteroid impact. The backcountry of Charlevoix is winding its way into a rich terrain where gourmet delights can be paired with adventure fun.

Parc national des Grands-Jardins et parc national des Hautes-Gorgers de la rivière-Malbaie

The park has been named after a network of deep valleys divided into a series of high mountains. Here are just a few of the memories that tourists can take home with them after exploring the Charlevoix region's outstanding Parc national des Grands-Jardins. You can experience a memorable experience here... Campground at Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park. The Camping des chutes Fraser, which has been in operation since 1962, was the first to welcome campers in Charlevoix.

Best hiking trails in Charlevoix

The otter walk in the park of the high gorges is called the Acropolis of the Draveurs. You should relax a little on the last day and have a walk and perhaps a bike ride on Ile aux coudres near st-paul baie. You can rent a very nice b&b in the baie st-paul, which is close to both parks and maybe you can spend the night in the b&b or in the Inns. There's a region's website that has a lot of accommodation and activity information.

Perhaps the two that you mentioned are appropriate. I know Jacques Cartier is supposed to be nice, but that's why I haven't mentioned it. I did the other two because I like walking where you have a clear view of the summit and that's the case for both Hautes Gorges and Des Grands Jardins. I wouldn't go to the same location for four days.

Tadoussac, go and see if they can drive you to Anse-a-la-Boule, see the Youth Hotel. If not, you will see that they can push your car with Ferme 5 Etoiles, but it's more costly. You're going to have a nice Fjord view. If you can't find a bus, if you want a not so long hike, just climbing Mt Adela-Lessard near Tadoussac will still be worth it.

I suppose you know the location of the park. We stayed at the park entrance at the Auberge le Relais des Hautes Gorges in Saint-Aimé des Lacs in Hautes-Gorges. How can I get to the airport and from there? How can I get around the city once? Is it possible to rent a motorcycle? Do I need a vehicle? I'm speaking a little or no English. Can I get in the city of Quebec? How accommodating are local residents? Would you suggest an apartment inside the Old City walls? I want to optimise my short city stay.

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