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Mount Grand-Fonds is located about an hour's drive from La Malbaie and Baie-Saint-Paul. It offers a breathtaking view of the region and the surrounding mountains. The trails of Mont Grand-Fonds are varied and offer a nice hike for all levels. Some trails are more challenging than others, so make sure you know the conditions before you go.

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Mont Grand-Fonds
(418) 665-0095
1000 Chem. des Loisirs, La Malbaie, QC G5A 1Y8, Canada

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Starting Point

To get to the Mont Grand-Fonds trails, you must go to Baie-Saint-Paul. From there, take Route 138 East towards Saint-Siméon. After passing through the village, turn left onto Route 299 and continue to the end. The trailhead is on the right.

Why visit Mont Grand-Fonds

Mount Grand-Fonds is located in the Charlevoix region of Quebec. It is one of the highest peaks in the province and offers spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River and surrounding mountains. The trail to the summit is well laid out and easy to follow. During the ascent, one can admire the local flora and fauna. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a 360° panorama of the mountains, lakes and surrounding villages.

Things not to be missed

Mount Grand-Fonds is located near the town of La Malbaie in the Charlevoix region. This mountain offers a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence and the Laurentians. Its steep slopes are ideal for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Hiking enthusiasts also have something to enjoy, as Mont Grand-Fonds offers several trails of varying difficulty.

The Mont Grand-Fonds campground is located near the village of Saint-Urbain and offers a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River.

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