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Lanaudière, Quebec, Canada

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As it arrives in Rawdon, upstream from Lake Pontbriand, the Waterfalls Park River surges over the rocks and breaks into a multitude of waterfalls.

Those who love the sun and the outdoors can get swept away by the water flowing over the rocks.

Swimming is prohibited here, but there is a picnic area.

No camping or open fires are allowed there.

The remains of several military canals give us a glimpse of the navigation situation in the early days of the colony.

A lighthouse similar to the one installed at Anchor Park is located at the end of the pier, marking the eastern entrance to the Soulanges Canal.

This park is perfect for nature watching!

From the lookout, you can admire the point and the meeting of the Outaouais River and the St. Lawrence River.

The park is open year-round . And the agreement rates are as follows:

●     Price for adult (18 years and older): $12.

●     Price for children (17 and under): $8.

What are the services on site?


Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 12.00 / $ 4.00 (Child)

From sunrise to sunset


What are the coordinates and address of Parc des Cascades?

Parc des Cascades
(450) 834-4149
6669 Boulevard Pontbriand, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, Canada

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Why visit Parc des Cascades

The Waterfall Park Trail is about 1.5 kilometers long, so you can enjoy a leisurely hike with family or friends.

The Cascade Trail winds through the bushes to the river, where you can find several signs with directions and information about the surrounding geology and flora. In addition, you will find picnic areas.

You can have a barbecue with your feet in the water, as the picnic table is very close to the water, or even in it.

The hike is enhanced by waterfalls, kettles, rock formations and waterfalls, some of which are quite spectacular. These trails can be walked in summer and snowshoeed in winter.

Things not to be missed

Where to sleep?

There are several accommodations near Cascade Park: from camping ready, campgrounds, as well as cottages.

However, we've chosen for you the best refuges you can find in order to enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary stay!

Our favorites:

●     The Elf's Nest :

This refuge is very special considering it's a treehouse!

Its architecture is quite unique, the refuge on the large rocky plateau, the 15+ feet high platform through the trees and all the comfort offered by this beautiful treehouse itself will make your stay more exciting!

Don't forget to bring your bedding!

●    Dome House :

Located just 26 min from Waterfall Park, this refuge is a magical place!

Watch the horses, nature, sky and winter scenery under the transparent dome of the bubble tent: the snowy forest illuminated at night; in the center of the beautiful mountain trails of the equestrian park, admire nature, wild animals or horses, in summer as well as in winter!

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12.00 $

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