Parc Des Chutes Dorwin - Parc Des Chutes Dorwin

Parc Des Chutes Dorwin hiking

Lanaudière, Quebec, Canada

By lydia.crawford

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3 KM

Dog allowed

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Why choose a trail at Parc Des Chutes Dorwin?

Dorwin Falls Park offers a very interesting hiking route. It is actually 3 kilometers long and is virtually effortless. It is free to residents and is full of must-see assets for unique entertainment.

A dozen trails crisscross the park over nearly 4 km and provide access to the Falls. For example, the trail of Cap Rocheux is located not far from the parking lot. Just 100 yards from the park, you'll also find the Sarsaparilla Trail. This beautiful hiking destination also allows you to find:

  • - The Falls Trail (100 m).
  • - the waterfront trail (200 m)
  • - the Tilleuls trail (300 m)
  • - the wet forest trail (400 m)
  • - the drained forest trail (800 m).

In addition, it is also possible to walk along the banks of the Ouareau River to the falls. However, be aware that swimming is strictly prohibited. On your way, you will cross a pine forest. There, you will be able to admire the hundred-year-old trees of the park. Then, access the lookouts installed on the site from a staircase. From its top, you will enjoy magnificent points of view on the panorama of the park.

What are the services on site?

Interpretation Center
Accessible for people with reduced mobility
Picnic table

Parc Des Chutes Dorwin trails list and map ?

Trails Distance Difficulty
Sentier de l'Île 1 km Beginner
Sentiers forestiers drainés 0.8 km Beginner
Sentier forestier humide 0.4 km Beginner
Sentier des Tilleuls 0.3 km Beginner
Sentier riverain 0.2 km Beginner
Sentier de la Salsepareille 0.1 km Beginner
Sentier des Chutes 0.1 km Beginner
Sentier du Cap Rocheux 0.1 km Beginner

Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 0.00

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


What are the coordinates and address of Parc Des Chutes Dorwin?

Parc des Chutes Dorwin
(450) 834-2551
3102 1ère Avenue, Route 337, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, Canada

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Starting Point

Dorwin Falls Park is located just 2 km from the beach municipal of Rawdon in Lanaudiere. The park regional which houses these falls is located just at the entrance to the village on Route 337. Its address is 3 102 1st Avenue, Route 337, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0, Quebec.

Some trails remain closed during non-summer months. A parking is located not far from the Cap rocheux trail. This will be an ideal starting point for an exceptional hike in Dorwin Falls Park.

Things not to be missed

During your hike, you will have various views of Dorwin Falls Park. For example.

  • - admire the vertiginous Dorwin Falls rising to a height of about twenty meters.
  • - discover the forest lush hosting an abundant fauna and flora
  • - contemplate the magnificent Ouareau River.

In the winter months, admire the half-frozen waterfalls in the heart of a downright surreal environment. Be swept away by the magic of the Indian legend of the Nipissing Wizard.

Not far from the park, there are all kinds of special accommodations, both in nature and unusual.

Our favorites - Where to sleep?

  • Feet on the ground (tree houses, bubbles and tipis)
  • Kabania (tree houses built in the trees)
  • Yurt at the outfitter (cabins, lodges and cabins)
  • Natur'eau (cottages and cabins).

Reservations can be made directly on the tourism site of lanaudiere.

Where to eat?

Want to treat your taste buds during your stay? Feel free to bring your Picnic on the parkA special area is particularly set up for this purpose. Nevertheless, if you prefer to take a tour to a gastronomic establishment, there are a few restaurants nearby such as:

  • Tim Horton's, a cheap restaurant located 100 meters from the park.
  • the Valentine, a discreet romantic spot just 300 meters away ;
  • McDonald's, located just 200 yards from the park.

At Dorwin Falls Park, you'll simply be spoiled for choice.

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What are the opening hours?

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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