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Experience Manitoba; the Heart of Canada, Hiking in Manitoba

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Blooming with natural beauty and fantastic scenery, this beautiful province is located in the center of the country. It is home to the lively city of Winnipeg and the Lake Manitoba, where the town gets it’s a name, and many other remarkable towns. Noted for its large polar bear population and other large animals, Manitoba is known as where Canada's heart beats and is marked for its remarkable and incredible cultural heritage.

Enjoy the views outside, walk amid polar bears, white tail deers, and perform quite a several outdoor activities throughout the year regardless of your age. Whether you love traveling solo or with your family, Manitoba has a range of outdoor activities for you. From skiing, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, mountain climbing to viewing the spectacular waterfalls, one is sure to have something exciting 'that'll keep you busy all through!

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Birds Hill Provincial Park
Birds Hill Provincial Park is a beautiful park located in Manitoba, Canada. The park is home to many different types of wildlife, including deer, elk, and bears. There are also several lakes in the park, which offer great opportunities for ...
Falcon Lake
Falcon Lake may refer to several lakes in North America: Falcon Lake (Manitoba), Canada Falcon International Reservoir (also known as Falcon Lake), formed by the international crossing at Falcon Dam Falcon Lake (Colorado) Falcon Lake (Alask...

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Adam Lake
Baldy Mountain
Elevation 2275 m
Bird Lake
Black Lake
Distance: 2 km
Caddy lake
Childs Lake
Cowan Lake
Cross Lake
Ditch Lake
Falcon Lake
Falcon Trails Resort
Elevation 375 m
George Lake
Distance: 15 km
James Lake
kings park

City withthe Polar Bear Capital

Churchill, the capital of Manitoba, is a remote town situated on the shore of Hudson Bay. You can get to watch and even walk through polar bears annually as they follow its route to spend their winter on 'Hudson's Bay tundra.

In 1979, an aircraft (little miss piggy as it is popularly called) crashed and didn't complete its journey to Winnipeg, the wrecks of the plane are still intact and are also a popular tourist attraction site. Endeavor to pay a visit and to York Factory National Historic Site when next you’re in Churchill.

Amazing Waterfalls

Getting a feel of the waters is one of the most amazing things about having a vacation in Manitoba. You can hike a 14-mile loop to 'Manitoba's highest and largest waterfall (Kwasitchewan falls) from Pisew falls, which is 'Manitoba's 2nd highest waterfall. If you are too scared to hike, then worry not. There are a suspension bridge and platform from which you could view the waters carefully. And guess what? You can set a camp at the base when you get tired or need to take a break as you enjoy and feel the splashing waters on your skin.

Spot the Aurora Borealis

One remarkably beautiful and unique feature of Manitoba is its colorful skies at night. Who says the night is only for partying? Visit any of the three famous cities (Yukon, Northern territories, Churchill) and prepare to be blown away by the beautiful appearance of the Aurora Borealis as it colors the sky and brings life to the night.

Not sure when to visit? Well with favorable solar conditions, bet viewing season starts in January and ends in March.

Discover Amazing Landscapes and National Parks

Unbelievable as it sounds, Manitoba has lakes, waterfalls, frozen seas and deserts. Oh yes, I said desert! Visit Sprucewood provincial Park and 'you'll catch a glimpse of the spirit sands desert with all the wildlife it provides a home to. Do you love resorts? Then the riding mountain National Park is one site that would fascinate you.

It is one of the only five national parks in Canada with a townsite resort. Take golf courses, play tennis and watch live performances in North 'America's biggest log cabin theater all within the park. Other activities unique to this area include mountain biking and horse riding during summer and cross country skiing during the winter.

The Land Of Festival any Festivals

The largest winter festival in Canada and North 'America's second oldest and continuous festivals happen in the heart of Canada. Annually these festivals and many others take place, exhibiting Canada's ancient trading history, snow sculptures, music performances and many more. These festivals include Festival du Voyageur, the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba and the 'Dauphin's Country fest.

Though Manitoba has harsh weather during winter, this vibrant province accepts it and makes the best out of it. Therefore, winter, summer or spring, regardless of the season, you can have the perfect vacation of your dreams!