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Visiting and Exploring the Wonders around Massachusetts, Hiking in Massachusetts

Let`s plan together your future adventure

United States is a land filled with a lot of exploration opportunities and a lot of people come to this incredible country to fulfill a wide range of dreams. Among the places to visit is also the famous state of Massachusetts, the history, culture and opportunities in which are vast. This is especially true for people who are looking for an adventure. The outdoors of this state are very popular among tourists, so read on to find out what you can do while you stay here.

Major Locations

Apart from the great outdoors, the state is home to a lot of important places. These include cities such as Boston, Worchester, Springfield, Cambridge, Plymouth and others. There are a total of 50 cities and 14 counties in this state. Boston is the capital with the largest population and Plymouth is the biggest place in terms of size.

Bash Bish Falls Park

This is the most important location that you should travel to during your trip to the state of Massachusetts. This park is home to one of the biggest waterfalls in the state and it is an amazing place to go to for water related fun. The day hike to this place is very rewarding as you can cool off under the water spray. You can also take the hiking trail to the top of the falls where you will be able to look at both Massachusetts and New York states.

Mount Holyoke Range Park

If you think of yourself as a hiking thrill seeker then this place is the ultimate place to visit for you. This place offers a huge range of hiking locations that you can climb to on a multi day trip across the Connecticut River Valley. This place is very popular among people form both hiking and biking communities and you will see a lot of activity here, especially during peak visiting times. We highly recommend keeping this park in your list of places to visit in this state.

South Cape Beach Park

This state park is another great place to visit in this state and is popular with families in particular. You will find yourself exploring a beautiful sandy beach that stretches for miles and has views of distant light houses. This park is very special and has a unique mix of terrain with woodlands, marshes, dunes and ponds all in one place. You should also take time out to do some bird watching as well since there is a lot of wildlife here in both summer and winter.

Nickerson State Park

This place is also very good for exploring the outdoors of Massachusetts from a different view as you will get to enjoy a very vast spread of land that is home to unlimited chances for hiking and other adventure. People come here all year round to walk on the famous Cape Cod Rail Trail. This trail is also a part of the park and is very good to enjoy the views. You will also visit nice beaches and ponds and will be able to get involved in fishing activities.

Knowing the state

Wherever you travel to, it is important to know details about that location to ensure that you do not get lost or get in trouble. In addition to that, you should also respect the land and its people and try to merge with the locals in every possible way. The website for the Parks department of the state provides a lot of useful info that you can take with you on your trip.

Have a good time

It is a key part of your visit to ensure that you make the best of your time in the state. We highly hope that you are able to enjoy your time in Massachusetts and become fond of the place when you leave. With the info provided here, we hope you will be able to achieve that goal and will definitely want to come back for more fun and to simply relax.