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Have you ever travelled if you have never visited California; the Golden State? This is a city that has all to offer for everyone regardless of age, gender, interests and all. It truly is the golden state. California is known for its diverse weather, beaches, history, movie industries and much more. Travel to this amazing place and experience all it has to give you and more.

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Where to visit in California

You're still not entirely sure why you should visit California? Well… have a glimpse of all the fantastic places you can visit in California.

Discover the splendor of the Yosemite National Park

Where do you even start, is it from the many waterfalls there is or the infamous Yosemite valley all in this park? Not forgetting the sequoias trees, vast meadows, El Captain and Half Dome. The waterfall, after all the park is known mostly for its abundant waterfalls, from the Yosemite falls, the highest in the park and is made up of three separate falls to the Horsetail fall which at sunsets appears to be on fire because of the orange glow of the sun to the Nevada fall with all its glory.

Also, you can trek to the top of the Yosemite falls, or cycle at the vast lands or even set up camps or just sightsee after all the park was described as the "grandest of all special temples of nature" by John Muir in 1860s.

Experience the extremes of the Death Valley

Did you say Death Valley? Okay, so relax. It wasn't named so because of deaths recorded there, it was so named by one of its pioneers back in the days when they got lost between 1849-1850, as they were making their way out of the valley, a pioneer turned back and said: "Goodbye, death valley".  Voila, you see it's really is not because people die here.

The Death Valley is 200 feet plus below sea level. It has two extreme temperatures, on the one hand, it has one of the hottest, although it rarely gets to freezing. In spring, winds are frequent here, and wild spring flowers sprout, making the valley have a mix of white, gold, pink or purple flowers; a spectacular sight. A word of advice, DO NOT forget to carry your sunscreen and lots of water.

Visit the glitzy Disneyland Park

If you are visiting with your kids or you're just young at heart, Disneyland is the place for you. The park is famous for having the Disney themed attractions, several themed lands like the Mad Tea Party Spinning Teacups and Mickey's Toontown. Take a tour around the park on the Disneyland Railroad, or try the Disneyland Monorail System monorail, or visit the Grand Canyon. Another attraction at Disneyland Park is the numerous parades and live performance. Also, there are a variety of restaurants and hotels there.

A little fun fact, did you know that Steve Martin, the Actor and Comedian, worked in Disneyland the 1960s. Well, he did.

Have all the fun outdoor activities at Lake Tahoe

You can do a myriad of activities here from hiking to skiing and canoeing to mountain biking. The lake is surrounded all over by mountains and has spectacular scenery with its tranquil turquoise water and green trees. In summer the park is an excellent destination for hiking, mountain biking, swimming, sunbathing and more while during winter you can go skiing, sledging and snowshoeing.

Have started packing your bags yet, No? I guess you want to first book your flight to this fascinating place because, with these places and activities awaiting you, there is no reason to not visit and discover the beauty that California is.