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Hiking and Outdoor Activities in Prince Edward Island

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Are you the type that never gets bored of the great outdoors? Here's a little something for you! You'll be excited to learn about Prince Edward Island and the fantastic outdoor opportunities it has to offer. The province is a really cool destination for tourists, especially those that are enthusiastic about adventurous activities like day hiking and biking.

It's incredible to be able to explore the wonders of nature and spend quality time in green spaces. Luckily, all these are what places like PEI provide us. So, you might want to sit back, grab a drink and keep reading as we take you through the beautiful things you can do in this exotic paradise.

Why is Prince Edward Island so incredible?

Prince Edward Island is also usually called “the Garden Province". However, it is not called so for no reason. The place is known for its natural beauties. The paradise is surrounded by green and gentle landscapes, has beautiful beaches, and mountains to appreciate.

If you're a golf lover, you’ll love this place even more because there're enticing golf courses here as well. Don't think too hard when next you need to go on a vacation, Prince Edward Island is just the perfect place.

What are the TOP 3 best hiking trails in in 2022?

Bonshaw Hills Provincial Park
Prince Edward Island
The Bonshaw Hills Provincial Park is a beautiful park located in Prince Edward Island. The park is home to rolling hills, forests, and streams. There are many hiking trails in the park that offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. The...
Confederation Trail
Prince Edward Island
Confederation Trail is the name for a 470 kilometre recreational rail trail system in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. It was developed in the 1990s, following the December 31, 1989, abandonment of all railway lines in the pro...
Prince Edward Island National Park
Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island National Park is a National Park located in Prince Edward Island. Situated along the island's north shore, fronting the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the park measures approximately 60 km (37 mi) in length and ranges from sever...

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Go Kayaking in warm salty water

The best place to begin your island tour is on the ocean. While it'll be enough to simply enjoy the views, there's more you can do to further enjoy your stay. You'll find several outfitters who are enthusiastic about taking you on a river kayak tour. Plus, you get to paddle your own boat while exploring the waters. How cool is that!

Take a Swim in the Amazing Beaches

Taking a dive into one of the Garden Province's warm oceans is sheer heaven. The island's shore is surrounded by a shallow shelf which heats up the water and gives it that warm feeling when people dive into it. If you are not a fan of swimming, you can always walk around the ocean. You'll discover that the array of shorebirds there is a beauty to behold.

Great Areas for Hiking

The landscape of this beautiful province is one that is ideal for hiking. Charlottetown, the tiny capital of Prince Edward Island, exhibits a lot of historical places which will be fun to visit. Besides, there's the confederation trail which is excellent for local hiking. It's quite an impressive attraction

You'll Love the Sport Fishing

Going Sport fishing is an excellent way to spend your time in Prince Edward Province. The island offers some ideal areas for fishing like the Morell River in Points East Coastal Drive. Also, the Trout River in the western part of the island is a place to fish and offers a good trail for hiking as well. For a map of the island's fishing holes, drop into a visitor information center.

Wouldn't you like to Go Windsurfing?

At Prince Edward Island, the weather condition is excellent for Windsurfing. During the afternoon time when the breeze starts to blow more, you'll find cars that are loaded with sails and boards heading out. You could head out too and have the best time of your life windsurfing!

Experience the bliss of Golfing

Golf courses are an integral part of PEI. You can quickly drop by while exploring the Prince Edward Island National Park. Surrounded by beauty, peace, and serenity, you'll find the golfing experience quite blissful and relaxing.


What's not to love about Prince Edward Island? The scenery is right, the waters feel good, and the outdoors is fantastic. There are beautiful hotels to lodge in when you get there. Once you're fully settled in, and have gotten a taste of the delicacies, head outside because that's where all the fun is.