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6 Epic Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Nevada, Hiking in Nevada

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The state of Nevada is known for its absolutely sublime scenery. It is characterized by snow-covered mountains, red-sand deserts, colorful fields of wildflowers and lovely blue lakes. Nevada's beauty is just waiting to be discovered. What this means is that there are many exciting outdoor activities that this awe-inspiring state has to offer.

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Release Your Inner Child at the Singing Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain is where you should go if you're looking for an off-highway vehicle area. The place is also open to hikers and bikers. Sand Mountain is home to massive sand dunes, which is the aftermath of the last ice age. What makes this place one of the most spectacular places in the world is the fact that the sand here has just the right size of silica composition. As such, when the area is quiet, you would hear the rhythmic moan and hum of the sand as it bounces over the dunes.

The Great Basin is Just the Place to Go Caving

Known for its vast open basin-and-range scenery, alongside its dark and starry night sky, The Great Basin National Park is one of Nevada's famous attractions. The park proves even more impressive with its underground caves which house ancient and spectacular stalactites, helictites, flowstone, and stalagmites. No doubt, this place is not full of wonder but history as well. You need to see it.

Mountain Biking and Hiking the Lake Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe Nevada state park features more than just a lake. In as much as it will be fun to simply get wet in the lake, you could try a lot of other things there too. Surrounding the lake are some killer mountains with bike trails. In fact, a hiking trail surrounds the whole river. Most people day hike from the Spooner backcountry to snow valley peak. Biking is quite intense in this area and perfect for adrenaline junkies. The most significant part is that you get to enjoy the view of the scenery when you're at it.

Take a Walk on the Moon at Lunar Crater

Did you know Nevada also has landscapes that are out of this world? A visit to Lunar Carter will confirm that. When on this volcanic field Landmark you'll feel like you're on the moon. This landscape was created millions of years ago when several volcanic eruptions happened. In this place, you' all find over twenty extinct volcanoes, lava fields, ash piles, and huge fissures. It's truly a beauty to behold.

Hike and Splash in Lake Mead

Lake Mead where you should go for all kinds of water sports— wading, boating, waterskiing, scuba diving, and even fishing. The recreational area is also perfect to go hiking, sightseeing, and picnicking. The Historic Railroad Tunnel trails the ideal loop for local hiking. If you'd love to kayak, the park service rent out canoes. Lake Mead is very popular among visitors. Don't be surprised when you see the place full of outdoor lovers.

Visiting the Valley Of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park got its name from its ancient red sandstone formation. This sandstones are believed to have been in existence since during the era of dinosaurs. History junkies and anyone who loves being outside amid nature will fall in love with this phenomenal place. The Valley of Fire also features Indian petroglyphs that are 3,000 years old and petrified wood. It also features perfect picnic areas for visitors to have got together with friends and family. On some occasions, visitors may even be blessed with the views of the area the desert tortoise.

What's not to love about this paradise? Now that you know Nevada promises nothing short of an inspiring and fun-filled vacation experience are you’re already planning your visit? Make sure to visit a restaurant or two in the state. Their cuisines are quite impressive there too.