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Top 5 Attraction in Saskatchewan for Outdoor Lovers

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If you're an avid hiker or a nature lover, the beautiful province of Saskatchewan is a must-go for you. No matter what you're looking for, be it an epic natural landscape, impressive lakes or purple-sanded beaches, this paradise has it all. From north to south, the province's terrain shifts and changes. Awaiting your exploration are the vast forests, mountains, parks, and beautiful sand dunes.

We've compiled a list of most of the top attractions in Saskatchewan for outdoor lovers. Enjoy!

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Douglas Provincial Park
Douglas Provincial Park is a beautiful park located in Saskatchewan, Canada. The park is home to many different types of wildlife, including deer, elk, moose, and bears. There are also several lakes in the park, which offer great fishing op...
Echo Valley Provincial Park
Echo Valley Provincial Park is a provincial park in Saskatchewan, Canada, located west of the Town of Fort Qu'Appelle in the Qu'Appelle Valley between Echo Lake and Pasqua Lake.The Echo Valley Provincial Park is a beautiful park located in ...
Narrow Hills Provincial Park
The Narrow Hills Provincial Park is a beautiful park located in Saskatchewan, Canada. The park is known for its narrow hills, which give the park its name. The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, elk, and moose. Visi...
Pike Lake
Pike Lake may refer to:The Pike Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful place to visit in Saskatchewan. The park is home to Pike Lake, which is a large and stunning body of water. There are plenty of activities to enjoy at the park, including f...
Prince Albert National Park
Prince Albert National Park is a beautiful park located in Saskatchewan, Canada. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including moose, deer, bears, and wolves. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hik...

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Have You Heard of the Meadow Lake Provincial Park?

It is places like this that make your travel well worth it. The meadow lake park has a lot to offer, with the trails are only a part of them. The meadow lake is excellent for kayaking, fishing, and canoeing. Meanwhile, the beach there is also excellent for swimming. Being 120km long, the meadow lake provincial park trail is the longest in the province. The Boreal Trail, as it is called, presents both a unique and challenging hiking experience to outdoor lovers. You 'all love it!

The Versatility of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park Will Awe You

It'll be a waste to go all the way to Saskatchewan and not visit this amazing park. Located at the southern corner of the province, the park boasts of cypress hills that rise up to 580 meters above the ground. This means that there are cliffs, forest trails, and look out points just waiting to be discovered and explored. Also, because the area is a dark sky preserve, you'll be able to appreciate the full beauty of stars, and satellites at night without the impediment of strange lights.

You'll have ample opportunity to go camping, golfing, hiking and skiing here. The place is fascinating, Why not go check it out for yourself?

Experience Thrills on the Churchill River

Though this river used to be a travel and trade route for centuries, it has now become one of the most adventurous places in Saskatchewan for many visitors. This mighty waterway connects with many other significant lakes as well as natural landmarks. These landmarks include the Nistowiak Falls, which is the tallest waterfall in Saskatchewan. Apart from this, you can catch a glimpse of bald eagles and moose on the shore. You could even try catching a fish or two. Isn't that just exciting!

Enjoy the Exquisite Beauty of the Grasslands National Park

As much as Saskatchewan is filled with lush forests, high mountains and lakes, there is also a sea of grassy plain to appreciate. The Grasslands National Park is the perfect place to go to when you're craving a mix of solitude and beauty. With many front-country and backcountry trails, the park is excellent for local hiking. You might be opportune to get close to burrowing owls, and prairie dogs outside.

Enjoy Sundogs Excursions at Northern Saskatchewan's Boreal Forest

Another part of Saskatchewan waiting to be explored is the million-acre wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan. Learn to harness the Alaskan husky sled dogs as you enjoy the view of the beautiful terrain. Don't forget to put on snowshoes as you day hike through the unique landscape of the area. It is also a fabulous opportunity to gain a better understanding of the unique ecosystem while listening to the howls of wolfs amidst the silent woodlands.

Again, you can decide to spend the night in a safe spot between the rustic snow-covered trees, and build a fire to warm yourself. Such beautiful memories are never forgotten.


Every lover of the outdoors will fall in love with Saskatchewan. It is the perfect backdrop for a fun and adventurous getaway. The paradise has so much to offer, and you won't really know until you visit the place yourself. At the candle lake resort, you'll get the best accommodations, a restaurant, a golf course and a marina with boat rentals.